Scheduling utility streetworks and managing logistic operations is easy when you’ve got our up-to-date, accurate location information.

Cars and lorries driving on motorway

Improve supply chain logistics

OS location data gives you information about the entirety of Great Britain’s road and path network – that’s 550,000kms of it. By knowing the roads inside-out, you can get from A to B faster, meaning higher delivery rates.

Route planning and analysis is key to efficiency and profitability. With our map data you can improve your operations and make the right business decisions.

Aerial view of road junctions

Increase number of deliveries

Deliver faster. Deliver smarter. Here’s an example of exactly how OS data can help you plan journeys.

Our data gives you confidence in sending your drivers out to the correct address, knowing they can navigate every new road, one-way street, vehicle-based restriction, banned turn, ferry link, subway and pedestrian footpath, first time.

You can accurately predict how many deliveries you will get through in one day – increasing delivery rates, customer satisfaction and strengthening relationships with your business partners. Everyone wins.


Plan streetworks efficiently

See how Tom, a Highways Network Manager at a borough council, uses OS data to plan road works. Follow Tom’s story.

Our data helps you plan and manage streetworks efficiently, with minimal public disruption. It’s great for utility companies. When you know every detail about a road including road markings, drainage systems and bus stops, you can plan exactly where to install new pipes or carry out underground maintenance, minimising errors.

When you know a road's dimensions and accessibility, you can plan a route for deploying your vehicles – a route without road height or weight restrictions.

Our data gives you access to the Unique Street Reference Number (USRN) and National Street Gazetteer, linking your infrastructure improvements directly to individual addresses, road names, numbers and who maintains that asset.

The products you need

OS MasterMap Highways Network

OS MasterMap Highways Network contains the Unique Street Record Number and details from the National Street Gazetteer, helping you link streetworks to individual homes and local authority data.

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AddressBase Premium

AddressBase Premium gives you valuable, detailed information on around 41 million addresses from exact house names to individual flats – perfect if delivering is a key part of your business.

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How our data is used

Transport Scotland successfully delivers The Forth Replacement

Transport Scotland used OS location data to plan major infrastructure works to the Forth Road Bridge.

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South Yorkshire Passenger Transport saves £400,000

South Yorkshire Passenger Transport used OS data to improve processes and customer service for over four million people.

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Find a solution using OS data

Our Partners can take our data and turn it into the perfect, tailored solution for your business.

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