Manage your underground and overground water assets efficiently, record pipe upgrades quickly and improve customer billing. All with our latest OS location information.

Burst water main pipe in street

Understand your assets and their environment

A mains water pipe bursts in the street. What happens next?

The pipe needs to be fixed quickly and in order to do this, a number of people and organisations get involved, from the homeowner who reports the leak to the call centre operator, the water supplier and the local authority.

Explore the story of the pipe’s journey to getting repaired, when each point of contact has one thing in common: location.

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Underground utility pipes

Keep track of your underground utility assets

Our data can help you maintain your water mains, sewers and underground pipes, efficiently.

You can quickly infer where a damaged water pipe is located before sending an engineer out to fix the problem – saving you time and resource. This means your customers are happy because they get the water supply they need – and, they're not paying extortionate bills often caused by leakages.

Sewage treatment plant

Manage your overground assets

Our detailed, up-to-date mapping data can help you manage your overground water assets efficiently. Find the perfect location for deploying bowsers in the event of a water crisis – right in amongst a cluster of properties or office blocks. Realise the proximity of your water networks, pumping stations and treatment works to homes, communities, shopping centres, business districts, roads, fields, forests and more.

When you understand the bigger picture, you can prepare for water shortage. You can identify flood risk and plan for a flooding emergency. You can make better, faster business decisions.


Targeted customer billing

With our location data you can be confident that when you send a water or waste water bill to your customers, it reaches the right address first time.

Our addressing data gives you accurate, up-to-date information about 41 million addresses including exact house names, the location of individual flats and the type of property – is it residential or commercial? This level of detail will help you improve your billing processes and your customer service.

The products you need

OS MasterMap Water Network Layer

Get current, detailed information about the flow, course and height of every lake, river, stream and canal in Great Britain. It’s the data you need to operate efficiently and help inform business decisions.

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OS MasterMap Topography Layer

OS MasterMap Topography Layer gives you sight of Britain’s landscape from fields and vegetation to roads and buildings. This level of detail can help you manage your utility assets and prepare for a water crisis.

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AddressBase Premium

Improve your billing processes with current, detailed information on around 41 million addresses. It's data that can help save time and increase customer satisfaction.

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How our data is used

Yorkshire Water saves £40,000

Yorkshire Water saved 200 man-days in field visits by using our location data – that’s equivalent to one full-time employee.

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Major savings for United Utilities

OS location data, together with a GIS, helped United Utilities record all of its assets in one place, saving time and money – that's 44,000km of water mains, 39,000km of sewer and 60,000km of electricity cables.

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Smart infrastructure report

This report looks at how location data integrates with common priorities, operational challenges and strategic collaboration.

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