OS Orders

Downloading orders via FTP

Learn how to download OS mapping data orders via your browser or FTP software.

Your order will be available for download from our FTP server for 21 days after we email you to say it's ready. You'll need to login with your organisation’s FTP username and password. To find these, log into OS Orders and use the ‘FTP info’ link (top right hand side).

Look for a folder with the same name as your order reference. This contains information files relating to the order. Your data is in one or more sub-folders, named by National Grid 100 km by 100 km grid squares.

Web browser download

1) Paste the following URL into your web browser: ftp://username:password@osmmftp.os.uk/../from-os

2) A list of folders from which data is available for download, together with their corresponding details such as size and date, will be displayed in your browser window.

If access to the FTP server fails, check that your browser enables folder view for FTP sites (on your browser look under Tools, then Internet Options, then Advanced tab, and ensure that 'enables folder view for FTP sites' is ticked).  If access still fails, try the URL again amending the final 'uk/../from-os' part to 'uk/from-os'

3) Go to each folder in turn, and using the 'Copy To Folder' option, highlight the files you require. Use this option to choose an appropriate folder on your computer in which to save the files. The download will start when a folder has been chosen.

4) You may need to refresh the screen to see new orders.

FTP tools

You may find it easier to download the data using FTP software; many options are available.

By accessing link files data downloaded from the FTP server, you agree to the terms of the Link Files Data Licence.

Please call Customer Services on 03453 757535 or email businessenquiries@os.uk for further assistance.