OS API Alpha & Beta support

Welcome to the support page for our alpha and beta APIs. Here you will find the licence for usage together with technical information and known issues.

Terms and conditions: OS API alpha/beta licence

Data APIs

OS Routes API

The Routes API lets you perform on-road and off-road routing with multiple transport options. It allows turn-by-turn A –> B navigation across Great Britain for vehicular and non-vehicular methods of transport. Currently this includes navigation for cars (roads), cycling and, within National Parks, walking.

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Technical Specification

OS Dimensions API

The OS Dimensions API uses attribution from OS MasterMap® Topography Layer. The UPRN is spatially matched to the Topography Layer, returning the calculated area value for the building, the Building Height Attribution (including the calculated building volume) and the geometry for the building footprint.

End Point URLs:


Technical Specification


The OS WFS API is an OGC-compliant WFS that lets you query a selection of Ordnance Survey vector data sources. The inclusion of Building Heights Attributes and Terrain 50, enables users to harness the potential of 3D data from Ordnance Survey.

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Technical Specification: coming soon

Mapping APIs


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How to give feedback

Please contact us via businessenquiries@os.uk or your OS account manager.