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Digital Surface Model sample data

Download and try it out – we'd love your feedback.

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We're gathering market insight and feedback on the creation a national DSM data set. The creation process for our existing height products has enabled us to generate a DSM of approximately 70% GB coverage with a currency of 3 years or less. We believe that for you, our customers, a DSM product would be a great addition to our existing height portfolio. We are looking for your feedback and on this page, you will find more information and some sample data for download.

What's a DSM?

A DSM is a measure of the surface of the earth that includes all terrain features visible on the earth surface. This data set represents a three-dimensional model of the earth’s surface at the time of capture. This includes all permanent and non-permanent features, such as the ground surface, bare earth, rocks, man-made structures, vegetation; and transitory features such as vehicles and animals.

How is the data being created?

DSM data is collected as part of our integrated revision capture process. It's derived from automated photogrammetric processes from the same source data used to update our imagery, topography, and digital terrain model data sets.

What's the data supply format?

OS DSM sample data is provided at 1m resolution in GeoTiff format and includes three different geographic areas, each covering an area of 5km2. Files are approximately 98mb in size, uncompressed:

  • Manchester, Lower Left co-ordinate 380000,395000
  • Kidderminster, West Midlands, Lower Left co-ordinate 380000,273000
  • Lytchett Maltravers, Dorset, Lower Left co-ordinate 390000,094000

We have also provided data of Manchester as 1 km2 tiles.

How accurate is the data?

Estimated planimetric accuracy (x,y): 1.1m rmse

Estimated height accuracy (above ODN) (z): 1.5m rmse

1m resolution Digital Surface Model 3D visualisation of Manchester city centre with blue to red height colour ramp

Digital Surface Model viewshed analysis – greens represent visible areas to fixed 1km distance when viewed from central location

Digital Surface Model profile analysis – cross-sectional profile of DSM