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Greenspace sample data

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We’re creating two products showing the position and extent of greenspace sites across Great Britain. They’ll help with health, environment, and planning policy. This is a joint venture with the Scottish Government and The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

The two products are OS Open Greenspace, an Open Data product, and OS MasterMap Greenspace Layer – which will only be available to PSMA and OSMA customers.

The greenspaces and categories have been agreed with Scottish, English and Welsh Governments, as well as a range of relevant stakeholders.

To explore the content and structure of the datasets, you can download two 5km2 tiles of each product today. The data is in both GML and ESRI Shape formats, and covers areas in Aberdeen and Canterbury.

OS Open Greenspace

The OS Open Greenspace product shows public areas used for exercise and recreation, such as parks and playing fields. It will be available as Open Data and added to the OS Maps consumer app. Developers can use it in third-party apps. OS Open Greenspace covers both urban and rural areas. It includes site extents and, where appropriate, access points.

OS Open Greenspace meets the policy commitment to produce an open map of all public greenspaces in England and Wales.

The OS Open Greenspace product

OS MasterMap Greenspace Layer

The Greenspace Layer – part of the OS MasterMap suite – will be available online to PSMA and OSMA customers only.

This product, a subset of OSMM Topography Layer, provides comprehensive coverage of accessible and non-accessible greenspaces in urban areas. Product attribution includes up to two functional greenspace types and two form types per polygon.

The Greenspace Layer provides detailed information for analysis, research and planning. It will help you manage and plan greenspaces, encourage activity to realise health benefits, and evaluate Britain's natural habitats, among other possibilities.

OS MasterMap Greenspace Layer data

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