OS Orders support

Get answers to your questions about our online ordering system for data products.

The OS Orders user guide (PDF) helps you use the online order service to place your orders, add a licence, use the mapping screen and view your product holdings and order history.

Using OS Orders

Which browsers support OS Orders?

For the best user experience of this site, it is recommended that you use Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer 8 and above. Please ensure that you have Javascript enabled. Users of IE8 and IE9 should run OS Orders with compatibility mode disabled.

Please check with your IS Administrator before downloading any software to your computer or computer network.

Why can't I see the mapping in the browser?

The mapping application used to assist order definition uses Adobe Flash. You will need Version 9 or later for the best experience and can check which version you have by visiting Adobe's checking page.

The latest version of Flash can be downloaded from the Flash download page on the Adobe website. Please check with your IS Administrator before downloading any software to your computer or computer network.

If you already have a compatible version of Adobe Flash Player and are still unable to view any mapping, it may be that there is a temporary service interruption. We are always grateful to our customers for reporting any such instances and will do everything in our power to restore normal service as quickly as possible.

How does the browser remember the area of mapping I last viewed?

This service uses the Adobe Flash Player. It employs a Flash Cookie (Local Shared Object) to remember the last area of mapping you viewed. Details on dealing with Flash Cookies can be found in our User guide.

Can I use an alternative order method?

The online ordering service is intended to be the primary order method. This may be supplemented by other services such as OS OpenData.

Why can't I place an order?

Every user of the service has a set of entitlements defined by the Principal Contact for your organisation. If you are unable to place an order, please contact your Principal Contact either to change your entitlements or to place the order on your behalf.

Which products are not available to order using this service?

Points of Interest is the only product you have to order offline.

Where has the CD/DVD option gone ?

This delivery method has been changed to just DVD as we will no longer be supplying data on CD as of 1st May 2016.
Any existing Product Holdings that you have previously taken on CD will now be supplied on DVD. This will happen automatically and there is no action required from you.
The decision to switch from CD to DVD supply from now on means that your data will be supplied on less media which we hope you will find is of great benefit.
FTP and Download supply will remain unaffected with the exception of Code Point with Polygons (please see below).

Why has the number of links for Code Point with Polygons changed ?

Due to changing the media supply for this product from 3 CDs to a single DVD, to be consistent we also need to reflect this change via the download option.
The data is exactly the same, it’s just in 1 zip file now instead of 3. We hope that you will find this easier to manage.

Why am I receiving less discs for my updates ?

Due to the higher capacity of DVDs compared to CDs, we can now fit more of your data onto less discs. We hope you find this beneficial as you will now have less discs to manage, upload and store.

How can I give you feedback on this service?

We're always eager to hear your views about your ordering experiences. Your feedback will enable us to improve the service we provide. Please feel free to contact us and let us know your thoughts.

Using the new Edit & Delete Functionality

Why can’t I see the Edit or Delete buttons on the My Products page?

This could be because of the permissions set for you by your Principal Contact. If you have been set as a User, you will only be able to view using the online service.

If you are a User +, you should be able to place orders and use the edit and delete functionality.

Why can I only see the Edit button but not Delete on the My Products Page?

It may be that the Product Holding you are looking at is a commercial contract, which means that you can only cancel it at the end of the contract term. You will need to contact us to discuss deleting this holding.

Why can I only see the Delete button but not Edit on the My Products Page?

The edit functionality is not currently available for any OS OpenData products ordered under Collective Agreements. You can still delete these holdings but to edit them, you will need to contact us.

Options are missing when I click on Edit. Why is this?

If a product is only available in one particular format or delivery method, you will not be presented with a drop-down list of options. It will simply default to that one option.

Where is the Next button?

I’ve edited something but the ‘next’ button is not appearing at the bottom of the page and/or it’s not registering the change on the review page. Why is this?

You may have selected an option that you already hold.

For example, if you already take a product via Download and you select Download again from the edit drop-down, this will not count as a change

Why are the ‘Order more’ and ‘Add another product’ icons not available?

These functions require you to navigate away from the My Products page. If you have started to make changes, you will need to either complete the current process or abandon your changes before you can view or reorder your existing holdings or create new holdings.

How does the Edit and Delete functionality affect my Order History page?

Editing or deleting a product holding will not be reflected on the Order History page. Your original orders will still be shown. You will only notice changes on the My Products page.

Will I get a new supply of data when I edit?

If I edit my format or delivery method, will I automatically be sent a new supply of data in the new format or via my new media choice?

No. Using the Edit function will not trigger any data to be sent to you until the next scheduled update. If you would like a new supply before your next update is due, please re-order using the ‘Order More’ button.

Please explain the information shown on confirmation emails.

I have only edited either Data Format OR Delivery Method yet my confirmation email is showing both. Why is this?

The confirmation email will always state your current format and delivery method regardless of which you have changed. This is just to confirm what the current selections are for that product holding.

How does Deleting holdings affect OS OnDemand?

The OS OnDemand WMS use the data contracts created against your account to provide you with the correct view of your holdings. Deleting these contracts will cause your OS OnDemand data view to change, removing the area covered by the contract. OS OnDemand will show this by either returning a white (blank) page or blue masking.

If you are in any doubt whether the contract you wish to delete will affect OS OnDemand, please contact us first.

Where can I see a demonstration of the new functionality?

We've produced a demonstration video which shows you how to use the new edit and delete functionality.

Pricing information

How has the price of my order been calculated?

All prices in this service are based upon the current published OS Business Portfolio Price List.  View the steps used to calculate your price by hovering over the price in the Define page.

How do I know if I can order under a Collective Purchase Agreement?

Details of any such trading Agreement with OS will have been notified to you by your Agreement manager. This will have resulted in the creation of a product catalogue from which you can order (see Section 1 "Order type" on the left hand side of the mapping page).

What are my entitlements under the Collective Purchase Agreement?

The online order service takes care of all this for you by presenting to you only those options which are available under the terms of your Agreement. This may include the appearance of more or fewer options in any of the drop-down menus shown on the left hand side of the mapping page.

For address products, why am I advised about Royal Mail royalties?

Addressing products such as AddressBase include Postal Address File (PAF) content from Royal Mail. Members of the PSMA and OSMA who have ‘Opted in’ to the PAF Public Sector Licence, will not be liable for any additional fees from 1 Apr 2014.

For those members that have 'Opted out', or those who are outside of either agreement, additional Royal Mail royalties will be incurred depending on the area taken and the exact number of terminals and number of users who will have access to the data.

Public sector members should refer to their Member Licence and associated guidance.

Please note that from 1 April 2015 there is an amendment to the way PAF fees are calculated, more information can be found in our Addressing Amendments Information.

Can I use AddressBase products on my website?

You can use AddressBase on your website for the purposes set out within the Limited External Use terms of your Framework Contract Direct Customer contract provided you first pay us the Royal Mail Website Use fees. These fees are based on the number of transactions you estimate to generate per year.

If you estimate to generate ten million or less transactions per year, the annual fee is £5k per annum. If you estimate to generate more than ten million transactions per year, the annual fee is £10k per annum.

What if I exceed the AddressBase Website Use transaction limit?

If you pay £5k for AddressBase Website Use and exceeed the 10 million transaction limit, you will need to pay a fee of £5k to cover the additional transactions.


Products & Delivery Information

How will my OS MasterMap Imagery orders be delivered?

Orders for OS MasterMap Imagery will be supplied in the most appropriate format. You will be notified if an order is above the limit for delivery via download; these orders will be supplied on HDD.

Limits are applied at 500 tiles for TIFF and 5,000 tiles for JPEG and ECW.

Where can I download TIFF World Files (TFW) for geo-referencing?

TIFF World Files are available to download from our product pages.

The files must be placed in the same folder as your .TIFF images for georeferencing to work.

Geo-referencing files allow tiles of map data to be located in their correct geographical position when loaded into a geographic information system (GIS). This is achieved by loading in files alongside the data files that contain the National Grid corner coordinates for each tile. This is especially useful if more than one tile of data is being loaded at once, as it allows for a true geographical depiction of the data.

OS VectorMap Local raster and OS VectorMap District raster are supplied as Geo.TIFF files and do not require georeferencing files as this information is contained in the .TIFF file itself.

Who can order Sites data?

OS MasterMap Sites is no longer supplied as a separate product. Instead, it is available without additional charge as an enhancement for OS MasterMap Topography Layer.  Customers are therefore entitled to download and use Sites data for the same area as they hold a valid Topography Layer licence.

For PSMA customers, your public sector licence agreement entitles you to download and use data for anywhere in Great Britain.

For OSMA customers, your public sector licence agreement entitles you to download and use data for anywhere in Scotland.

Can I order the OS Detailed Path Network?

Detailed Path Network is now available to order.

OS DPN is licensed under the Consumer Solutions Contract. If you have a requirement for OS DPN, please contact your Account Manager.

Who can order OS MasterMap Building Heights data?

Customers are entitled to download and use OS MasterMap Building Heights data for the same area as they hold a valid OS MasterMap Topography Layer licence.

For PSMA customers, your public sector licence agreement entitles you to download and use data for anywhere in Great Britain.

For OSMA customers, your public sector licence agreement entitles you to download and use data for anywhere in Scotland.

What is the best way to download a large dataset?

For large amounts of data, it is recommended that you use a download manager so that you do not have to click on every link to every chunk of data you have ordered.

Most browsers will have a download manager available.
You can use your search engine to find one.

What is the difference between AOI (Area of Interest) and Chunked supplies?

An area of interest is a customised polygon which is not geographically defined in terms of being set on district national grid squares. A chunk is normally based upon a 5X5km national grid square and may extend outside of a particular area of interest.

It is relatively easy to supply predefined chunks using a download service. It is more difficult to cut out an area of interest which does not following easting and northings and supply it for download. This is why some of our AOI products are not yet available via download.


Downloading your orders

How do I get to my organisation’s download page?

On completion of your order, you will receive a download email which contains a link to that page. Alternatively, go to the member’s area and click on the link ‘download your order now.’

Do I need any special software to download my data?

If you have a large number of files to download, you may want to consider specialist download software. There are many proprietary Download Managers which you can use; some are browser-specific. Please consult your IT administrator for their preferred solution.

How long will it take for my order to download?

This will depend on your connection speed and ISP. As guidance, each order/update will display the number of files and an estimated file size on the download page.

Will I only have access to my orders?

You can access all of your organisation’s orders via the 'My Downloads' tab.

How to download your order from the FTP server?

Your order will be available for download from our FTP server for 21 days after we email you to say it's ready. You'll need to login with your organisation’s FTP username and password.

Look for a folder with the same name as your order reference. This contains information files relating to the order. Your data is in one or more sub-folders, named by National Grid 100 km by 100 km grid squares.

Web browser download

  1. Paste the following URL into your web browser:ftp://username:password@osmmftp.os.uk/../from-os
  2. A list of folders from which data is available for download, together with their corresponding details such as size and date, will be displayed in your browser window.
    If access to the FTP server fails, check that your browser enables folder view for FTP sites (on your browser look under Tools, then Internet Options, then Advanced tab, and ensure that 'enables folder view for FTP sites' is ticked).  If access still fails, try the URL again amending the final 'uk/../from-os' part to 'uk/from-os'
  3. Go to each folder in turn, and using the 'Copy To Folder' option, highlight the files you require. Use this option to choose an appropriate folder on your computer in which to save the files. The download will start when a folder has been chosen.
  4. You may need to refresh the screen to see new order.

FTP tools

You may find it easier to download the data using FTP software; many options are available.

By accessing link files data downloaded from the FTP server, you agree to the terms of the Link Files Data Licence.

Can I change the priority in which orders are displayed?

The system default is order date and that column is highlighted when you log in. You can also sort by order no, order type, product, and delivery contact name and order date. Whichever you choose, that column will be highlighted and will remain in place for subsequent logins to the system.

Will my order always be at the top of the orders list?

It will depend on how you have set your order filter or sorts on the individual columns on the organisation download page. The system default is order date, so if you leave that as your preference, your order will always appear at the top.

Are orders available to download indefinitely?

Orders will remain live on the download page for 12 months from the order date. If you have not completed your download within this time, you will have to reorder your product.

How can I display the minimum number of orders ?

Select the number of orders you would like to display in the show entry button (10 is the minimum).The system will return the number you select on one page, plus the total of pages (to include all orders); for example, 1 to 10 of 167 entries.

Can I change who receives the update orders?

Yes, we can make a change in our system. Please contact email our Business enquiries helpdesk or telephone 03453 757535. Our office opening hours are Monday to Friday 08:30 - 17:30 except for Public Holidays.

How will I know the product version date in my update orders ?

There is a product version date in the order details column on the download page, so you can download them in the correct sequence.

Why are there gaps in the version dates for update orders?

When a product update takes place, the system will check all the tiles within your holdings contract. If you elected initially to take change-only updates and there has been no change to your data, no update order will be created.

What does ‘Update full’ and ‘Update COU’ mean in the order type column?

‘Update full’ means that you elected initially to take a full refresh of all the tiles within your holdings. ‘Update COU’ means that you elected initially to take change-only updates to the tiles within your holdings.

Can I tell the difference between an update and online order ?

As the naming convention is the same for both on the order download page, we recommend that you save the update orders into a different directory to your online orders.