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Points of Interest – Method for populating the Unique Property Reference Number

Points of Interest – Methodology for populating the Unique Property Reference Number

In the December 2014 release of Points of Interest (POI) the Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) attribute was populated to enable customers to link POI to the AddressBase® suite of products.

The approach for populating the UPRN values was as follows;

  1. The Ordnance Survey AddressPoint Reference (OSAPR) used in the production of POI was matched to the AddressBase UPRN.
  2. For those not matched in the first step, a lookup was created between the OS MasterMap® Topography Layer TOID® in POI and the Topography Layer TOID in AddressBase® products. This only uses the following records from AddressBase products;

    Where there is only 1 AddressBase record with the same Topography Layer TOID as that in POI or,
    Where a single Topography Layer TOID had multiple UPRN values associated in AddressBase Products, the UPRN of the main (parent) AddressBase record referencing that Topography Layer feature was used.

  3. The final part was to remove the UPRN value where there were more than 7 POI records matched to a single UPRN (based on tests to determine the most appropriate limit) or where the record was in the following POI classification because these classes should not have a UPRN:

020901410 Cash machines
020908110 Paypoint locations
031802540 Picnic areas
035808030 Ponds
035808050 Lochs and lochans
035808060 Tarns, pools and meres
035808080 Settling, balancing and silt ponds
063404330 Electrical features
063404530 Allotments
063404570 Letter boxes
063404600 Public telephones
063404610 Public toilets
063408020 Wi-Fi hotspots
073905210 Sheep dips and washes
074105320 Chimneys
074105360 Lime kilns
074105390 Tanks (generic)
094806880 Lighting
10530729 Helipads
10540733 Cattle grids
10540740 Signalling facilities
10540743 Viaducts
10550747 Footbridges
10550749 Stepping stones
10550750 Subways
10560751 Aqueducts
10560752 Locks
10560755 Weirs, sluices and dams
10570758 Taxi ranks
10590732 Bus stops

Please give us your feedback on this methodology as well as the proposals to remove some attributes via the short online survey.

Thank you
Chris Chambers

Location Analytics Portfolio Senior Product Manager

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