INSPIRE Address View

Ordnance Survey and GeoPlace are under a statutory obligation to make address data available, and to implement new services, in accordance with the INSPIRE Regulations. This obligation is generally grouped in four parts:

  • Metadata;
  • Download Service;
  • INSPIRE compliant data; and
  • View Service.

AddressBase already meets the requirements for Metadata and Download Service, and this new service will ensure compliance with the View Service requirement. Ordnance Survey is on schedule to deliver an INSPIRE compliant address dataset in the required timescales.

The INSPIRE Address View service is a compliant OGC Web Map Tile Service delivering AddressBase® Premium locations in accordance with the following INSPIRE specifications:

Key features

  • The service responds to OGC WMTS requests
  • The service supports both ETRS89 and British National Grid projections

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Use of this service is subject to the OS API Framework Agreement.