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AddressBase Premium specification enhancements

In March 2016 AddressBase Premium will upgrade the Epoch 39 release with a full resupply.

Full details of the Epoch 39 release are detailed below. However, for further information, please contact your Account Manager or Customer Services.

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AddressBase Premium Epoch 39

The updates will help you to implement and take advantage of the new specifications; for example the addition of latitude and longitude coordinates, country codes and Valuation Office Agency (VOA) classifications, improvement to date fields, ward and parish information and provide cross-references to OS MasterMap Topography Layer and OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network Layer.

The pdf below summarises the changes only; for full specification documents and sample data of Exeter please refer to the AddressBase Premium files below.



Please note:

  • Due to the CSV and GML sample data being created over different times periods, there may be differences in the number of records between both supplies.
  • This is sample data to demonstrate the new structure of the products only, and may not be used for any other purpose.
AddressBase and AddressBase Plus

The Epoch 39 changes will only affect the AddressBase Premium product; both AddressBase and AddressBase Plus were successfully updated in the September Epoch 35 upgrades. The new specification documents can now be found on the relevant product pages:


Last January we hosted a webinar to show the upcoming changes and improvements to the AddressBase to see these please click on the links below:

Audio | Slides