AddressBase Premium support

AddressBase Premium is the most current, comprehensive and accurate geographic dataset available of addresses, properties and land areas where services are provided. It includes properties that have been demolished and those yet to be built.

Adopting AddressBase Premium

To help energy suppliers who are considering adopting AddressBase Premium, we've released a white paper that explains the key benefits of this product and how to get started. Customers in other markets may also find it useful. Get the White Paper »

What is the difference between the three AddressBase products?

All three products are derived from a single database, managed and maintained by GeoPlace. The source data is collated, verified and quality assured by GeoPlace. Each product has a different level of content:

AddressBase Premium provides the most detailed view of an address and its life cycle for England, Wales and Scotland. It has more records than AddressBase Plus as it provides all the information relating to an address or property from creation to retirement.

The product contains Local Authority, Ordnance Survey and Royal Mail addresses. This includes alternative addresses for current records where available, indicating variations on the official addresses; and provisional addresses (proposed planning developments), and historic information (demolished properties) where available. OWPA (Objects Without a Postal Address) and Cross References to VOA data and products such as OS Mastermap Topography Layer are also included.

The product also enables the end-user to locate an address or property on a map using either X, Y coordinates supplied on a British National grid or Latitude and Longitude coordinates provided on an ETRS89 projection.

AddressBase Plus contains current properties including addresses sourced from Local Authorities, Ordnance Survey and Royal Mail, all provided with an UPRN (Unique Property Reference Number) for England, Wales and Scotland. It has more records than AddressBase as it includes objects without postal addresses and live records captured by Local Authorities but not matched to Royal Mail PAF data.

The product enables the end-user to locate an address or property on a map using either X, Y coordinates supplied on a British National grid or Latitude and Longitude coordinates provided on an ETRS89 projection.

The product also includes cross references to OS MasterMap products via OS MasterMap Topography Layer and OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network Layer TOID references.

AddressBase is an address product containing both residential and commercial addresses where a Local Authority address has been matched to a Royal Mail PAF address. This allows users to link additional information about a property to a single address. The product also provides enhancements to the Royal Mail PAF data by assigning an X and Y coordinate on British National Grid and an ETRS89 projection, as well as a primary level classification, and a representative point code describing the positional quality.

In which formats are the AddressBase products available?

All three AddressBase products are available in CSV and GML 3.2.1 formats.

How often will AddressBase Premium be updated?

All AddressBase products are currently updated on a six-weekly basis. The update is made available to customers for both managed sets and area of interest as full supply or change-only updates (COU).

Will AddressBase Premium include more than just England, Scotland and Wales?

Ordnance Survey has now created two new products: AddressBase Plus Islands and AddressBase Premium Islands. They provide coverage for Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, but the existing core AddressBase Premium product will continue to cover England, Scotland and Wales.

Will it include Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF)?

Data from Royal Mail’s PAF database is a vital component of the single address gazetteer database and is in each of the AddressBase products where there has been a match confirming the address to the LLPG address.

Will multi-residency information be in the AddressBase Products?

This information will be provided by Local Authority custodians, who will identify multiple occupancy addresses with a shared entrance in a structured Parent and Child hierarchy.

Where can I find the counts of features in AddressBase Premium?

For every Epoch a release note is created which contains counts for each AddressBase Product. The release notes can be found here.

My tile Change Only Update seems to be a Full Supply. Is this correct?

If you recieve a Geographic Supply (tile based) Change Only Update of AddressBase Premium, if one feature is changed within a tile the whole tile will be supplied to you within your COU. This means that if a single feature changes in each tile which covers Great Britain you will receive all tiles as part of your Change Only Supply.

Will the AddressBase products replace the LLPGs and LSGs?

No, these remain with the creating authority, who will provide updates to the single address gazetteer database, as they do now for the NLPG and National Street Gazetteer (NSG).

Will the AddressBase products replace the NLPG and the NSG?

In time yes, but the NLPG and the NSG data forms a core component of the single address gazetteer database and therefore, current users will be able to continue to access data compatible with that of today.

GeoPlace will continue to interact and provide the same service to authorities previously licensed under the MSA (now PSMA) and NSG statutory users in the same way as the NLPG and NSG hubs currently work today.

Will a single address gazetteer database include the NSG?

The GeoPlace Hub will continue to manage the NSG in exactly the same way as it is operated now. Any future arrangements would ensure that local government’s statutory obligations continue to be met.

Do AddressBase or GeoPlace change how our local authority manages its LLPG?

No. Current processes and working practices for exchange of data between local authorities and the addressing hub will continue exactly as they do now. All local authority custodians have been sent a briefing paper outlining the details.

Will AddressBase products come under OS OpenData™?

There are currently no plans to make the AddressBase products avaliable under OS OpenData™.

How can I license AddressBase Premium and from whom?

For commercial use, you can license the data from us or OS Partners.

AddressBase is included in the PSMA and OSMA. You can order it direct from us or get it through OS Partners that provide systems integration or hosting.

How much do AddressBase products cost?

The license charges for AddressBase products are published in the product portfolio price list (PDF). We will be happy to prepare a quote for you.

Will products be available under the partner Defined Use Contracts?

Yes. Ordnance Survey Licensed Partners under their FCP (including those who are currently NLPG resellers) will be able to license the AddressBase products under the defined use contracts.

Is AddressBase Premium included in the Public Sector Mapping Agreement?

AddressBase products, along with legacy addressing products under notice of withdrawal (OS MasterMap Address Layer 2, OS MasterMap Address Layer, ADDRESS-POINT and the National Land and Property Gazetteer), are licensed and available to the public sector through the PSMA.

Will PSMA customers have to pay Royal Mail PAF royalties separately?

No. A centrally-funded PAF® Public Sector Licence (PAF PSL) covers use of the Postcode Address File (PAF) in the delivery of public service activity for PSMA/OSMA members. PAF licensing terms apply.

Will commercial customers have to pay Royal Mail royalties separately?

Royal Mail royalties apply and are incorporated in the licence fee. A separate Royal Mail royalty fee applies if you wish to license the AddressBase data on External Transaction Solution (ETS) terms.

Who supplies AddressBase products?

AddressBase products are available from OS and our Partners.