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AddressBase support

AddressBase is a vector address dataset that includes the UPRN, PAF UDPRN, and business/reidential classification.

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What is the difference between the three AddressBase products?

All three products are derived from a single database which captures data from multiple authoritative address sources. The source data is collated, verified and quality assured by GeoPlace. Each product has a different level of content:

AddressBase Premium provides the most detailed view of an address and its lifecycle. It has more records than AddressBase Plus as it provides a range of information relating to an address or property from creation to retirement. It contains local authority, Ordnance Survey and Royal Mail addresses structured in a relational database model. The product is based around the UPRN, with current (approved) addresses; and alternative addresses for current properties (reflecting the changes in address and the address life cycle); provisional properties / addresses (proposed planning developments) and historic information for properties (including historic alternative addresses) where available

OWPAs and cross references to the OS MasterMap TOID’s are also included.

Because it is a relational model, an application cross reference table gives the user links to other data sources e.g., OS MasterMap TOIDS, Valuation Office Agency Council Tax and Non Domestic Rate references.

AddressBase Plus contains current properties and addresses sourced from local authorities, Ordnance Survey and Royal Mail matched to the UPRN and structured in a flat file model. It has more records than AddressBase as it includes objects without postal addresses, such as subdivided properties, places of worship and community centres. It also enables the end user to locate an address or property on a map, through the assigned x and y coordinates, but crucially the cross referencing the information with OS MasterMap products via the OS MasterMap Topography Layer and Integrated Transport Network (ITN) Layer Topographic Identifiers (TOIDs) allows the address data to be viewed within a wider geographic context.

The address information is sourced from 348 Local Authorities Land and Property Gazetteers, Ordnance Survey’s large scale mapping, Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF) and the Valuation Office Agency.

AddressBase contains Royal Mail PAF addresses (27.2 million) both commercial and residential matched to the local authority Unique Property Reference Number and structured in a flat file model. This allows users to link additional information about a property to a single address. It also provides an enhancement to the Royal Mail PAF data by assigning an X and Y coordinate to every address.

In which formats are the AddressBase products available?

All 3 AddressBase products are available in CSV and GML 3.2.1 formats

How often is AddressBase updated?

All AddressBase Products are currently updated on a six-weekly basis. The update is made available to customers for both managed sets and area of interest as full supply or as change only updates (COU).

Will AddressBase provide information for more than just England, Scotland and Wales?

Currently there are no plans to extend the coverage of the AddressBase product beyong England, Wales and Scotland. But Ordnance Survey are going to offer AddressBase Plus Islands and AddressBase Premium Islands which both provide extended address coverage.

Does it include Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF)?

Data from Royal Mail’s PAF database is a vital component of the single address gazetteer database and is in each of the AddressBase products where there has been a match confirming the address to the LLPG address.

Will the multi residency information be in the AddressBase Products?

This information is present in the AddressBase Premium and AddressBase Plus products but not in the AddressBase product. It will be provided by the local authority custodians who will identify multiple occupancy addresses with a shared entrance in a structured Parent and Child hierarchy. Royal Mail MR data will not be in the AddressBase products.

Will the AddressBase products replace the LLPGs and LSGs?

No, these remain with the creating authority, who will provide updates to the single address gazetteer database, as they do now for the NLPG and National Street Gazetteer (NSG).

Will the AddressBase products replace the NLPG?

In time yes, but the NLPG data forms a core component of the National Address Gazetteer infrastructure and, therefore, current users will be able to continue to access data compatible with that of today.

GeoPlace will continue to interact and provide the same service to authorities previously licensed under the MSA (now PSMA) statutory users in the same way as the NLPG hub currently works today. Public sector organisations that currently receive NLPG data will continue to be able to receive data (rebranded as AddressBase ICS) based upon their existing orders.

Will a single address gazetteer database include the NSG?

The GeoPlace Hub will continue to manage the NSG in exactly the same way as it is operated now. Any future arrangements would ensure that local government’s statutory obligations continue to be met.

I work for a local authority that produces an LLPG for our area. Will I need to start again and produce a new gazetteer?

No. Current processes and working practices for exchange of data between local authorities and the addressing hub will continue exactly as they do now. All local authority custodians have been sent a briefing paper outlining the details.

Will AddressBase products come under OS OpenData™?

There are currently no plans to make the AddressBase products created from the single address gazetteer database available for free.

How can I license AddressBase products and from whom?

For commercial use, you can license the data from us or OS Partners.

AddressBase is included in the PSMA and OSMA. You can order it direct from us or get it through OS Partners that provide systems integration or hosting.

How much will the AddressBase products cost?

The license charges for AddressBase products are published in the product portfolio price list (PDF). We will be happy to prepare a quote for you.

Will products be available under the partner Defined Use Contracts?

Yes. Ordnance Survey Licensed Partners under their FCP (including those who are currently NLPG resellers) will be able to license the AddressBase products under the defined use contracts. The AddressBase products have been included in the 5 defined use contracts: Navigation, Distribution, View Tracking and Scheduling, Printed Products and Consumer and Web Applications

Do commercial customers have to pay Royal Mail royalties separately?

Royal Mail royalties apply and are incorporated in the licence fee. A separate Royal Mail royalty fee applies if you wish to license the AddressBase data on External Transaction Solution (ETS) terms.

Will Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) customers have to pay Royal Mail royalties separately?

No. A centrally-paid PAF® Public Sector Licence (PAF PSL) covers use of the Postcode Address File (PAF) in the delivery of public service activity for PSMA/OSMA members. PAF licensing terms apply.

Who is supplying the AddressBase products?

AddressBase products are available from OS and our Partners.

Where can I find more information about the Epoch 35 specification change?

With effect from Epoch 35, we have now implemented a new specification. A Frequently Asked Questions page is also available.

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