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For ease of download, the preview data for OS MasterMap Greenspace Layer has been broken up into smaller, more manageable datasets based on European Parliamentary constituencies. OS Open Greenspace is supplied as a GB Set.

By downloading the data, you are deemed to have accepted and agree to be bound by the Data Exploration Licence.

If the IT security policies of your organisation don't let you download data, please contact our Customer Service Centre, who will be able to arrange delivery of a DVD containing the data.

Publication date: 15 May 2017

Introducing OS Greenspace
This slide deck tells you more about the products (webinar video to follow).

To reveal the data you wish to download, please click the relevant + sign.

Download OS MasterMap Greenspace Layer GML Preview files

East Midlands (342 Mb)

East (392 Mb)

London (441 Mb)

North East (175 Mb)

North West (533 Mb)

South East (700 Mb)

South West (322 Mb)

Scotland (535 Mb)

Wales (227 Mb)

West Midlands (452 Mb)

Yorkshire and the Humber (375 Mb)

Download OS MasterMap Greenspace Layer Shapefile Preview files

East Midlands (374 Mb)

East (437 Mb)

London (494 Mb)

North East (192 Mb)

North West (580 Mb)

South East (777 Mb)

South West (359 Mb)

Scotland (586 Mb)

Wales (247 Mb)

West Midlands (498 Mb)

Yorkshire and the Humber (410 Mb)

Download OS Open Greenspace Preview files

GML data (29 Mb)

Shape data (28 Mb)

Download look-up table Preview file

Look up table (7 Mb)

This lets you link data between the OS MasterMap and Open products.