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ITN to Highways migration

From 31 March 2019 our Integrated Transport Network (ITN) product will be withdrawn and replaced by OS MasterMap Highways Network. Here’s all the information you’ll need about the ITN migration.

From 31 March 2019 our Integrated Transport Network (ITN) product will be withdrawn and replaced by OS MasterMap Highways Network. Here's all the information you'll need about the migration including why it's happening; the benefits of Highways; a comparison between ITN and Highways; a timeline of events; webinars and FAQs.

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Why is ITN migrating to Highways?

We launched our new OS MasterMap Highways Network mapping product on 31 October 2016 and we’ve been working hard to ensure Highways contains all the information about roads, paths and routing & asset management that you need – all in one place.

Contact us on 03456 050505 or email customerservices@os.uk to ask any questions.


We've been holding some workshops to support customers on their migration from ITN to OS MasterMap Highways.

You can also watch our webinars below to find out more.

We're now inviting our ITN customers to try our Highways sample data for free.

Benefits of OS MasterMap Highways Network

OS MasterMap Highways Network is a family of products which bring together information from the National Street Gazetteer (NSG), local authorities for England and Wales, and other authoritative sources. This accurate, up-to-date information can help you be more efficient and avoid fines, saving your business money.

OS MasterMap Highways Network lets you:

  • Plan detailed routes for a variety of vehicle types.
  • Access accurate and precise asset management information on who maintains the road network and the type of surface reinstatement values.
  • Report on key facts and statistics about the road, against a consistent and authoritative base.

So whether you want the best route between two points, or who's responsible for this road and what is happening beneath, OS MasterMap Highways Network can help you be more efficient or avoid fines, saving your business money.

Try the new OS MasterMap Highways Network today.

With the support of OS Partners

We've been working with the Partner community to support their migration to OSMM Highways Network.

So far, the following OS Partners are ready for the transition:

Even more partners have solutions in development including:

- Astun Technology Ltd - Buchanan Computing
- Basemap Ltd - Capita Fortek
- Cadcorp - Capita One
- CDR Group/By Design - Intergraph
- Cleric Computer Services Ltd - Rescue 4i Softtware 
- Dotted Eyes / Miso - Snowflake
- ESRI UK - Systel
- Find  - Northgate
- Higher Mapping Solutions  
- Integrated Skills (UK) Ltd  
- Pitney Bowes Software  
- Safe Software  
- SopraSteria  
- Terrafix  
 - Webaspx  

Other system providers are developing systems to support the data and this list will be update as we learn about their development. Please let us know if you are using a system we are not aware of and always check with you system provider if you are unsure or require further information.

Here are some quotes from users who have completed the migration to OSMM Highways Network:

Jamie Justham from Dotted Eyes, says:
"The miso portal from Dotted Eyes processes the OS MasterMap Highways Network to support the development of Enterprise Asset Management capabilities by Colas. These provide multi-tier and cross-functional integration and coordination between a highways authority, its parent enterprise and the wider society."

Martin Dowler from the Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, says:
"By linking every point on the highway with information such as road condition and streetworks, asset owners and operators, we can combine strategic, tactical and operational thinking; deliver better performance and efficiency gains; and align day-to-day engineering practice with corporate objectives."

Migration timeline

Here's a timeline showing how we're going to support you from now until ITN is withdrawn in March 2019.

Open timeline in full (PNG)

ITN to Highways migration timeline

Compare ITN and Highways features

All of the features from our Integrated Transport Network product appear in OS MasterMap Highways Network.

View comparison table in full (PNG)

ITN and Highways mproduct comparison table


OSMM Highways Network - Roads

OSMM Highways Network - Paths

OSMM Highways Network - Routing & Asset Management Information

Migrating from ITN to OSMM Highways Network

Supporting OS MasterMap Highways Network with Cadcorp

Ordnance Survey Highways Network made simple


When is OS MasterMap ITN being withdrawn?

OS MasterMap ITN (including UPN) will no longer be available from 31 March 2019. OS MasterMap Highways Network products are the replacement for the ITN products.

What is OS MasterMap Highways Network?

OS MasterMap Highways Network is Ordnance Survey’s new generation of product for road and path information. It brings together definitive geographic information from OS and authoritative information from those responsible for managing the road network and Local Government, to be accessed from a single source.

It is a topologically structured road and path network which has been heighted and is attributed with associated information including classification, road name(s) and number. Detailed routing information is available, ranging from banned manoeuvres to structures along the road network, which could affect your choice of route, for example traffic calming.

Finally, there's information available to help you understand more about the road or path as an asset, ranging from who the responsible authority is for maintaining it, to designations being assigned such as lane rental schemes and traffic sensitive streets.

How does OS MasterMap Highways Network relate to ITN?

OS MasterMap Highways Network is made up of three products:

1. OS MasterMap Highways Network – Roads
Our Roads product provides a structured link and node network for roads and vehicular ferries across Great Britain with associated naming, numbering, classification and junction information.

This product replaces OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network Layer – Road Network Theme.

2. OS MasterMap Highways Network – Routing and Asset Management Information
Our Routing and Asset Management Information (RAMI) product provides the same base of information as the Roads product alongside detailed information on road routing including turn restrictions, access restrictions, road hazards and height, weight and width restrictions. In addition, there is also information relating to managing the road network as an asset such as who is responsible for maintaining this section of road, lane rental schemes and the quality of which the road must be reinstated after any form of road work.

This product replaces OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network Layer – Road Routing Information Theme with the added asset management information which was not present in the ITN products.

3. OS MasterMap Highways Network – Paths
Our Paths product provides structured link and node network for paths and pedestrian only ferries in urban areas across Great Britain. It provides additional information for asset management.

This product replaces OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network – Urban Path Theme.

What is RAMI?

RAMI is used to refer to the OS MasterMap Highways Network – Routing and Asset Management Information product. The acronym is short for “Routing and Asset Management Information” as the product name can be a bit of a mouthful.

Does OS MasterMap Highways Network cover all of Great Britain?

Yes, the core road and path network has been built from the same source as ITN and therefore will provide a routable network for all of Great Britain. We have also included authoritative information from local authorities in England and Wales only. In Scotland the authoritative information is not available.

What happens to the TOIDs in ITN when moving to OS MasterMap Highways?

The TOIDs in OS MasterMap ITN have moved across to OS MasterMap Highways Network. Therefore, all TOIDs within OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network will be carried over into OS MasterMap Highways Network.

What are the data sources for OS MasterMap Highways Network?

The data is currently sourced from two sources:

1. OS large-scale content
We’ve provided national coverage of the Road Network and the associated attribution and detailed routing information. This is the same source of information used to create OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network and therefore covers all of Great Britain.

2. National Street Gazetteer
GeoPlace provides Ordnance Survey with the National Street Gazetteer for England and Wales. The National Street Gazetteer is created through compiling 174 Local Street Gazetteers (LSGs) and the Trunk Road Street Gazetteer (TRSG) which provides the authoritative information about the road and path network.

How have you brought together geographic info and authoritative info?

Ordnance Survey’s large-scale road and path geometry is considered to be the definitive geometry whilst the data within the National Street Gazetteer is the authoritative information.

We carry out a spatial matching exercise between our large-scale road and path geometry and the National Street Gazetteers Elementary Street Unit (ESU) geometry. A buffer is created around OS’s geometry and the area where the spatial match is carried out, to identify whether the ESUs intersect with this geometry. Where there is an acceptable level of overlap, the ESU and OS road geometry are considered ‘matched’ and the definitive geometry is brought together with the authoritative information.

Where there isn’t an acceptable level of overlap between the two geometries then they will be manually reviewed by a team at OS where we’ll identify whether they should be matched to an NSG feature. If the geometries do need to be matched, we’ll manually match them to bring the information together. If they don’t, we’ll identify that the OS geometry doesn’t represent anything in the NSG and therefore should not be matched – and information is not brought together.

We still publish features that haven’t been matched in OS MasterMap Highways Network. Unmatched OS geometry can be found in the Road Link feature type and unmatched NSG features can be found within the Street feature type.

Every month before a new version of Highways is published, we’ll match and manually review any new OS features or new ESU features.

How regularly is OS MasterMap Highways Network updated?

OS MasterMap Highways Network is published once a month, on the first working day of every month.

What is an ESU?

An Elementary Street Unit (ESU) is the National Street Gazetteer’s representation of the Road Network.

What is a USRN?

A Unique Street Reference Number (USRN) is a persistent identifier for a set of ESUs – or Elementary Street Units – which share the same name/number within a locality or town.

I am a customer currently using ITN. Do I need a separate licence?

No.  Whether you switch licensing to use Highways instead of ITN over a period of time via a Migration Licence or whether you switch instantaneously, you can continue to use any copies of ITN you may still retain under your new Highways licence at no additional cost.  However, you must ensure there is no time gap between starting your Highways licence and ending your ITN licence.  Your right to use ITN stops should you ever terminate your Highways licence.

I may wish to switch to another Highways supplier in the future

Yes -You can continue to use ITN provided you are continuously licensed for Highways with no time gap.

I wish to license Highways for the first time but have never licensed ITN...

If you wish to license Highways for the first time but have never licensed ITN, your Highways licence does not permit you to obtain historic copies of ITN.

Your licence for Highways only deals the supply and updating of Highways. It does not cover supply of any other products.