Meridian 2 roads data work-around

How to use OS Open Roads data with Meridian 2 for routing applications.

Following the Comprehensive Spending Review, we announced that Meridian 2, along with Strategi, will be withdrawn in 2017. It was updated for the last time in January 2016 and will continue to be available through the OS OpenData download service until at least 31 March 2017.

Meridian 2 and Strategi have been superseded by OS Open Roads. When combined with other OS data products, it gives you the 'big picture' road network, with generalised geometry and network connectivity. This will also provide up-to-date roads information for your mapping purposes.

If you use the roads elements of Meridian 2 to create simple road networks, here's how to maintain the currency of your roads content so you can keep using it for generalised routing purposes.

The workaround

We recommend using all layers in the final release of Meridian 2. For the roads content, it is possible to combine the Open Roads product data to provide the required up-to-date road information. This can be updated when the product is published.

Meridian 2

Meridian 2 with OS Open Roads

As of February 2016, no styling is available for OS Open Roads data because it's currently a beta release. You will need to apply a style to the Open Roads data when using it with Meridian 2. The road styles in Meridian 2 are a useful guide.

Please note that railways and large built-up areas in Meridian 2 are no longer being updated, so this might create currency issues over time. Other OS OpenData products such as OS VectorMap District and OS Open Map – Local may help you.

Your GIS must read roads data in a given order if you want to it to display roads in their correct hiearchy of importance. This can take time. You can disable this draw order to reduce load times, but roads will then be displayed in a random order, yielding an unsightly map (this also applies to the roads in Strategi).

This is the workaround for Strategi.

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