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Meridian 2 support

Please note: this product was withdrawn on 31 March 2017. We suggest you use OS Open Map Local.

Meridian 2 was a 1:50 000 scale vector map dataset with two themes: communication and topography.

Known issues

  • We know that the roads elements of Meridian 2 are used by some of you to create simple road networks. Bearing in mind that we aren’t going to be updating the product again, here's how to maintain the currency of your roads content, so you can keep using it for generalised routing purposes.
  • A recent issue with the .prj files has been identified as affecting some users. To resolve the issue, please download the following Zip file, extract its contents and replace it with your recently downloaded .prj files.

    Replacement .prj files (ZIP)

Where can I find the technical specification for the Meridian 2 product?

Please find the user guide and technical specification below:

Meridian 2 user guide and technical spec.

Is there a styling guide for Meridian 2, where can I find it?

Here is the styling guide for this product.

If I need detailed help getting started with using this product, where can I find this?

Find the getting started guide here.

What is the specification change notice for January 2013?
Here is the January 2013 Specification change notice:

- Standardising of the METRES attribute for Roads and IDENTIFI0 field for County and District layers to long Integer, precision 7 for this and all future releases.

Styling for the Shapefile (ESRI®) format is available from January 2013. The style file and the styling userguide will be included with the January 2013 data.

The MapInfo TAB format styling has been updated from the January 2013 release. The styling guide above is also included with the data.

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