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OS MasterMap Greenspace support

OS MasterMap Greenspace Layer is Britain’s most comprehensive greenspace dataset covering urban areas across England, Scotland and Wales.

Who is the dataset for?

The OS MasterMap Greenspace Layer dataset has been designed for the public sector and is available exclusively to members of the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) and One Scotland Mapping Agreement (OSMA). It shows accessible and non-accessible greenspaces in urban areas, helping to support a wider set of government initiatives around health and the environment.

If you're in the public sector but are not yet signed up to a mapping agreement to use OS data, find out more on our public sector page.

As a commercial customer, how do I get hold of the dataset?

This product is currently only available for members of the Public Sector Mapping Agreement (PSMA) and One Scotland Mapping Agreement (OSMA). If you think it might be useful for your organisation, you can download the sample data on our OS MasterMap Greenspace Layer product page.

Which areas are covered?

OS MasterMap Greenspace only covers urban areas. A map of the urban coverage for this product is available on the product page. Please be aware that urban areas have been defined differently in Scotland when compared to England and Wales. More information can be found in the product guide.

In which file format is OS MasterMap Greenspace Layer supplied?

OS MasterMap Greenspace Layer is being released in GML along with our standard data releases. It is also supplied in Shapefile format in line with the specific requirements from the stakeholder group for the greenspace project. This is specific to this project and will not influence any other product decisions. It is only available in these two formats and guidance for other software users exists in the getting started guide.

Does OS MasterMap Greenspace Layer work with other layers of MasterMap?

Yes. OS MasterMap Greenspace Layer is designed to work with OS MasterMap Topography Layer and will be aligned to a particular release. As Topography Layer is released every six weeks, it will be necessary to use the version number on the feature in both products to identify which release corresponds to your current holding of OS MasterMap Greenspace Layer.

What do I do if I spot an error?

As a public sector user you should have access to the Greenspace Feedback Tool. This tool has been designed specifically to feedback on errors and omissions in the Greenspace products so should enable you to quickly tell us what you have spotted.

Log in to the members' area to find out how to access the tool.

How often is OS MasterMap Greenspace Layer updated?

OS MasterMap Greenspace Layer is updated every six months.

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