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OSMM Highways Network brings together data from authoritative sources such as the National Street Gazetteer (NSG) and OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network (ITN) to create a single authoritative view of the road network.

Current release: February 2018


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What is OS MasterMap Highways Network?

OSMM Highways Network is an exciting proposition that brings together data from authoritative sources such as the National Street Gazetteer (NSG) and OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network (ITN) to create a single authoritative view of the road network.

Why do we need a new highways product?

There are a large number of roads datasets used across government and other organisations. Using different datasets in different application it is increasingly hard for our customers to answer simple questions like how long is this A-roads? One dataset might say 100km and another 98km but which is right? 

Department for Transport have the same problem and it makes implementing policy hard when your figures can be instantly challenged. By bringing together two of the key datasets that government use, we gives customers  confidence that the decisions they make are based on a single authoritative view of the road network.

Does it cover all of Great Britain?

Yes, the dataset OS has built will use ITN as the base network, so it will have the same coverage as ITN and be fully routable. We have also included authoritative information from local authorities for England and Wales.

Is this in the Public Sector Mapping Agreement?

Highways Data is included in the Public Sector Mapping Agreement; you can order and download it via OS Orders.

One Scotland Mapping Agreememt members can get it by signing up to our Evaluation licence.

How is information about routing represented in this product?

The restriction information is not applied to the base network, but is referenced. This allows the range of information collected to be extended in the future and minimises the impact on customers not concerned with routing information. The main categories of restriction information captured are as follows:

  • One way
  • No entry
  • Access restrictions
  • Height restrictions
  • Turn restrictions
  • Mandatory turns

To whom the restrictions apply and any time constraints are also captured.

Are there further product developments planned?

This is the first Phase of OS MasterMap Highways. OS has undertaken the task matching all the roads across England and Wales to authoritative source data and outputting features like Routing Information, USRNs and Maintenance Records. In consultation with DfT, OS are working towards delivery of Phase 2. OS are aiming to include:

  • Heighted network
  • Special event information
  • Public Rights of Way (as per the NSG)
  • European routes

OS have designed OS MasterMap Highways Network in a modular form. This means is that if a customer only wants one of the features, they will only need to load the file that holds it. 

There is also an added benefit to this which means that once OS have delivered a module that there is no need for us to go back and make changes to that module unleess we need to fix serious issues – each module lives in isolation. This will enable our customers who are producing tools to avoid revisiting work. As we develop new features, customers can develop their new tools in parallel.

What are the main things OS MasterMap Highways Network will do?

OS MasterMap Highways Network will contain a combination of routing Information and asset information to meet requirements gathered from the existing customer base. The data will contain all the information that is contained within ITN, although packaged differently to meet the changing demands of OS customers over the last 10 years. 

The main benefit of the Highways product is bringing together disparate datasets across government to give a single authoritative view of the road network that underpins decision making across government and the commercial markets.

What's happening to ITN?

ITN is going to around for a little while longer but it is our intention to withdraw this product at a later date. We will be spending the next 6 months ensuring that Highways Network data meets your needs. In due course, we will issue a withdrawal notice for ITN.

What's happening to the National Street Gazetteer (NSG)?

The NSG is used in the statutory coordination of streetworks and will continue to underpin requirements under the New Roads and Streetworks Act (1991) for the foreseeable future.

The Local Street Gazetteer (LSG) and NSG process is vital to the creation and ongoing maintenance of the product and this data combines to form a fundamental component of the OS MasterMap Highways proposition. The long term aim is that OS MasterMap Highways is used as single dataset across public sector operations but there is no immediate plan to withdraw the NSG from the streetworks process as it currently stands.

Discussions will take place about the future of the NSG and this will be undertaken with input from the streetworks community across DfT, local authorities, utilities and their representative organisations. For more information about the NSG please visit www.geoplace.co.uk/streets/managing

How do I give feedback?

Please get in touch on our forum or complete the form in the product guide.