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OS MasterMap Managed GB set FVDs change

Ordnance Survey would like to make you aware of changes in the way OS MasterMap Managed Great Britain Sets (MGBS) are to be supplied.

In order to improve the speed of product creation and onward delivery, the method by which the Feature Validation Data Set (FVDS) that accompanies the following MGBS supplied will be changed for the following;

  • OS MasterMap Topography Layer
  • Address Layer, Address Layer 2
  • Integrated Transport Network Layer (ITN)
  • Integrated Transport Network Layer with Road Routing Information(ITN and RRI).

The FVDS enables OS MasterMap users to verify their data holding. It is a list of TOIDs with their corresponding version number and version date. There is an option on the OS MasterMap online service to take a FVDS for an order.

At present the Feature Validation Data Set (FVDS) is available with both the full supply and change only update MGBS data orders (both geographically chunked or non–geographically chunked).

From 8th July 2013 refresh , the Feature Validation Data Set (FVDS) will no longer be supplied with a full supply MGBS order (both geographically chunked or non–geographically chunked), however the FVDS will still be made available with change only update MGBS orders.

If you require a FVDS supply to validate your full supply data order, you may place an order for a new CoU MGBS order alongside your full supply order and use that FVDS to validate your data holding. Alternatively you may contact us using one of the email addresses below, and they will provide you with a secure download to a separate FVDS to match your MGBS order.

These changes will come into effect with the next supply of OS MasterMap MBGS (from 8th July 2013) and will apply to both new MGBS orders and the updated publications that are made available every 6 weeks (as published webpage).

If you have any questions about these improvements, please contact your account manager or email osmastermap@ordnancesurvey.co.uk.

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