OS MasterMap data availability dates

Latest OS MasterMap release details

  • The latest OS MasterMap Topography and ITN data release is:
Publication dateExtraction date
30 July 2018  11 July 2018

All layers are available to order on DVD, via FTP or through the Download centre.

Publication notes

As part of our continuous revision activity, we perform the improvements on OS MasterMap urban content. View our urban content improvement map to see areas where we're making content improvements.

As a part of our ongoing cyclic revision since July 2016, we've updated Tidal data for the following areas:

  • England & Wales - 3209.9 km & 237.9 km of coastline updated to date
  • Scotland - 1987.1 km of coastline updated to date

Tides progress England and Wales (image)

Tides progress Scotland (image)

OS MasterMap Topography Layer contains a very small number of overlapping lines in the data. These problems are transient and the application of normal Change Only Updates (COU) will remove them in due course.

Known Topography Layer issues:

  • There are two instances of lines overlapping or duplication (image) and (image).
  • Following the release of descriptive terms, there is a bridge improvement program currently in progress which is due to complete later on this summer.

Known ITN Layer issues:

Both full supply and COU match the FVDS. No discrepancies were found in this ITN release. Schema validations of the COU and full supply contain no errors.
There were some critical errors identified this refresh, these are instances of routing errors relating to one-way routes on 12 separate A roads: A610 (image),A570 (image), A449 (image), A15 (image), A502 (image), A225 (image), A126 (image), A1014 (image), A79 (image), A584 (image), A56 (image), A50 (image).  
There were no links with missing road number identified this refresh.

All previously published errors have been corrected.

For past messages, please see the archive.

Urban Path Network updates

This release is validated against and aligned to OS MasterMap® Integrated Transport Network™ released on 19 February 2018.

ProductLatest version
OS MasterMap ITN Layer Urban Paths – country zip files July 18
OS MasterMap ITN Layer Urban Paths – 5x5 tile download July 18

Future publication of Urban Path Network

Below is our future schedule of publishing Urban Path Network and the ITN product release with which it will have been validated and aligned. We aim to keep these schedules up to date, but you should treat these dates as a guide only as they are subject to change. The ITN used for validation and alignment will be confirmed when Urban Path Network is published.

Urban Path Network OS MasterMap ITN Layer
October 2018 30 July 2018

OS MasterMap Sites Layer updates

OS MasterMap Sites Layer is updated every six months. Please see the table below for the latest release date:

 OS MasterMap Sites Layer  November 2017

Building Height Attribute updates

Building Height Attribute is an alpha release currently under the development. Please see the table below for the latest release date:

 Building Height Attribute  December 2014

Future publication dates

Below is our future schedule of extraction and publication dates for OS MasterMap Topography and ITN layers. We aim to keep these schedules up to date, but you should treat these dates as a guide only as they are subject to change. The extraction date will be confirmed on the publication date.

Publication dateExtraction date
3 September 2018 12 August 2018
22 October 2018 3 October 2018
3 December 2018 14 November 2018
21 January 2019 2 January 2019
25 February 2019 6 February 2019

Please note that these dates only apply to bespoke polygons, 'area of interest' orders and national sets – please see Managed GB Dataset information if you take a full or change only supply of a complete OS MasterMap layer.

Past publication dates

The release dates for the previous year OS MasterMap Topography and ITN data were:

Publication dateExtraction date
18 June 2018 30 May 2018
8 May 2018 19 April 2018
26 March 2018 7 March 2018
19 February 2018 2 February 2018
8 January 2018 14 December 2017
20 November 2017 1 November 2017
9 October 2017 21 September 2017
29 August 2017 8 August 2017
17 July 2017 29 June 2017
5 June 2017 18 May 2017
2 May 2017 6 April 2017
13 March 2017 16 February 2017
30 January 2017 12 January 2017
19 December 2016 1 December 2016
14 November 2016 20 October 2016
3 October 2016 8 September 2016
22 August 2016 4 August 2016
11 July 2016 23 June 2016
31 May 2016 12 May2016