Descriptive terms and schema 9

Sample data

NEW: Combined Descriptive terms / Schema 9 sample data

Download sample data (Zip) | Release note

Following customer feedback, we have released a final set of sample data to ensure systems are ready for both phases of the OS Mastermap Topography Layer improvement (schema / fulfilment changes and descriptive terms release).

This data will include a baseline supply with no new descriptive terms and a COU file containing the new descriptive terms content. Both sets of data will be in the new supply format and conform to schema 9. The new sample data is available with geo and non-geo chunking.

We recommend reading the release note before downloading the data.

Please note: this data applies only to Topography Layer customers. ITN customers should use the Schema 9 sample data below to test their systems.

Descriptive terms

Download sample data (Zip)

This data is not intended to reflect the exact delivery format of the schema 9 data (see the schema 9 data for that). Instead, it shows the changes to the content of OS Mastermap Topography Layer. It contains three GML files:

  1. A full supply of data for Exeter conforming to version 7 of the schema (i.e. containing no new descriptive term combinations).
  2. A change only update (COU) file to update the version 7 full supply with new descriptive terms – this mirrors the way that the new descriptive terms content will be rolled out as COUs.
  3. A full supply of data for Exeter conforming to version 9 of the schema. Applying the COU file to the version 7 full supply should result in the version 9 full supply.

Schema 9

Download sample data (Zip, 72MB)

The Schema 9 Sample Data shows delivery changes and the new schema for Topography Layer, ITN and ITN RRI. This sample data contains no new content but is intended to match the data format and schema that will be delivered after the upgrade (e.g. simpler file names, fewer ancillary files).