OS MasterMap

Topography Layer price increase

We provide access to one of the largest, highest quality geospatial databases in the world. It's updated more than 10,000 times a day. We strive to ensure our data is the definitive source of detailed geographic information for the whole of Great Britain, and don't want to compromise on service.

After careful analysis of general economic costs, from 1 April 2017 we will be increasing the price of OS MasterMap Topography Layer by 1.8%*. This is the first increase for several years. It will help us maintain the accuracy and reliability you expect.

To price this product, we divide Great Britain into 1 km by 1 km grid squares and classify each each one by geography type: settlement, rural or moorland. The prices below are for a one-year contract covering 101 or more terminals.

Geography type

First hectare

Next 24 hectares (each)

Next 75 hectares (each)

First km2 of each order placed *

Subsequent km2 (each)



















Orders for less than 1 km2 are priced by underlying geography and subject to these new prices.

OS MasterMap Topography Layer, on a one-year contract covering Great Britain, for use on 101 or more terminals, costs £4,581,000.

This increase is in line with paragraph 7.5 of the Framework Contract (Direct Customers) (PDF) and reflected in renewal notices we're sending to customers.