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OS MasterMap Topography Layer Price Matrices

The pricing of OS MasterMap Topography Layer is based on a 1 km by 1 km classification of geography type that covers the extent of Great Britain. Each square kilometre is allocated to be one of three geography types – settlement, rural and moorland, and priced accordingly. This classification is based upon the density of urban areas and important communication features, such as roads and railways.

The definition of a 1km square to one of the three geography types is not indicative of the underlying scale of data capture in the product itself.

The following are in CSV format and need to be saved to your device and viewed using an appropriate text editor such as Notepad, for example.

As per our notification of May 2014, the following Price Matrix should be used from 01 April 2015:

The Price Matrix will be applied to new Data Contracts, expansions of coverage and Data Contract renewals under the Framework Contract (Direct Customers) from 1 April 2015.

In summary, the changes to the 2014 matrix consist of an overall increase in 1km squares from 243,569 to 244,583 (+1,014). This increase is due to the extension of the area contained within OS MasterMap Topography Layer to include areas of sea and lake. The number of 1km squares classified as settlement has changed from 26,112 to 26,122 (+10), rural from 150,777 to 150,778 (+1) and moorland from 66,670 to 67,693 (+1,1023 which are mostly sea and lake areas).

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