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OS Open Map – Local support

OS Open Map – Local is the most detailed, street-level mapping product available as open data. It's a great backdrop over which to display your data.

Released: October 2016, V1.0

Tidal water depiction

As mentioned in the Product guide (PDF), we are offering an alternative approach for applying a background colour to areas of the map that are not covered by tidal water. This involves the following ESRI shape file:

New car charging points

April 2018 OML release will contain three additional car charging point types. The details of these additions can be found in the OML product guide.

Is OS OpenMap – Local a replacement for OS Streetview?

OS Street View will be withdrawn as an OS OpenData product as of March 2017. OS Open Map - Local is recommended as a suitable alternative to OS Street View.

Is OS Open Map – Local now available as raster as well as vector data?

Yes, OS Open Map – Local is now available in both versions. The raster product comes in a full-colour version.

Can I download OS Open Map – Local as a national (full Great Britain) set?

Yes. You can choose the option that best suits you when you order OS OpenData.

Please note: the raster version of the national set is 14.1 Gb. This will take a while to download, even on a fast broadband connection. If you have a slower connection, we recommend downloading individual tiles covering the areas that interest you most.

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