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OS Open Map – Local support

OS Open Map – Local is the most detailed, street-level mapping product available as open data. It's a great backdrop over which to display your data.

Released: October 2016, V1.0

Tidal water depiction

As mentioned in the Product guide (PDF), we are offering an alternative approach for applying a background colour to areas of the map that are not covered by tidal water. This involves the following ESRI shape file:

Is OS OpenMap – Local a replacement for OS Streetview?

OS Street View will be withdrawn as an OS OpenData product as of March 2017. OS Open Map - Local is recommended as a suitable alternative to OS Street View.

Is OS Open Map – Local now available as raster as well as vector data?

Yes, OS Open Map – Local is now available in both versions. The raster product comes in a full-colour version.

Can I download OS Open Map – Local as a national (full Great Britain) set?

Yes. You can choose the option that best suits you when you order OS OpenData.

Please note: the raster version of the national set is 14.1 Gb. This will take a while to download, even on a fast broadband connection. If you have a slower connection, we recommend downloading individual tiles covering the areas that interest you most.

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