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OS Open Names support

OS Open Names lists definitive place names, roads numbers and postcodes in Great Britain – 2.5 million accurate locations.

OS OpenNames Specification Changes

We will be changing the specification of the OS OpenNames product in the October 2018 release. The major change is an increase to the Type and Local_Type codelists so that the downloadable version now matches OS Names API.

We have supplied the July 2018 release as data conforming to our current specification, as well as a "sample" national supply aligned to the new specification. This affects both the GML and CSV supply of the data. Some minor changes could not be implemented in time for this release, however, this sample dataset provides an overview of the changes and their effect. Full information on the specification and enhancements to the product, as well as the changes outstanding at the time of the sample data creation can be found in the Release Note and the updated User Guide. Both of these documents are also supplied with the July 2018 supply and are found in the supporting documents folder of the sample data.

Is OS Open Names multi-lingual?

Yes, it contains Welsh, Scots and Gaelic names where applicable.

Can I open the file in Microsoft Excel?

In theory, yes, since Excel supports the CSV format in which we make it available. In practice, however, your computer might run very slowly unless you have installed a large amount of memory (8 Gb or more).

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