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OS Open Zoomstack provides a single, customisable basemap of Great Britain, at whichever scale you want to use. From GB overview through to local level, Open Zoomstack contains seamless layers of data brought together in one easy to use file.


What are the file formats for the data?

You can use the data in GeoPackage and Vector Tiles (MBTiles). Following feedback from the original trial, we’re no longer producing a PostGIS Export File.

What GIS software can I use the data in?

You can use this data in a range of software including ESRI ArcGIS, QGIS, Mapbox, Cadcorp SIS, MapInfo, Tableau, Kepler.gl and many more.

Can I style the data myself?

Yes, you can create your own custom styling. We supply stylesheets in our four house styles – Outdoor, Night, Light and Road all of which are available on Github.

If you want to create your own style (for example to use your brand colours) then we suggest using our stylesheets as a great starting point.

The data is flexible and you’re able to customise by turning layers or features on or off.

Is the API going to be maintained?

We’ll continue supporting the Vector Tiles API and will update this with the new data while we plan the release of a fully supported version which will be in line with the wider OS Open project.

Please note this may involve changes in the API URL at a minimum.

Find out how to access and use the API here

Can I use OS Open Zoomstack with other third-party data?

Yes, in your GIS software you can overlay and include third party data. 

For example, Axis Maps used OS Open Zoomstack and Land Registry data to create this interactive house prices map

Do I need an OS licence to use this data?

This data is free of charge and released under the Open Government Licence. You can download it from the OS Open data portal 

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