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OS VectorMap Local free software and evaluation services

There are a number of free software and evaluation services from our partners to get you started:

Dotted Eyes®

Dotted Eyes provides tiled and custom services for translating OS VectorMap Local GML data to MapInfo Professional or Esri ArcGIS.

Sigma Seven

Sigma Seven provides map based mobile work management solutions that enable your field workers to access and update your enterprise data at the point of action. With their free GeoField Evaluation Edition software, you can view, manipulate and explore working with OS VectorMap Local.

Europa Technologies

Europa Technologies provides web map tile rendering services for OS VectorMap Local. The service converts GML data into a pre-rendered set of map tiles, ready for deployment on the web or desktop GIS.

Snowflake Software

Snowflake provides a generic tool for loading and styling OS VectorMap Local GML data to Oracle (Spatial or Locator) database, SQL Server 2008 or PostGIS.

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