Schema 9 and OS data fulfilment

Important changes to data delivery

The Schema 9 upgrade to OS MasterMap Topography Layer and OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network Layer was released in March 2017. We also went live with an upgraded data fulfilment system.

The upgrades allow us to deliver high quality new content and have improved how we supply your data orders, with:

  • Simpler file names.
  • Fewer ancillary files.
  • Simplified order information.
  • Consistent naming of data files.
  • Improvements to feature validation datasets.
  • Easier changes to your area of interest, with a fixed grid now used for data orders, avoiding confusion about grid references.

More detail about our improvements to OS data fulfilment.

These changes include only the schema update and data fulfilment improvements. Additional OS MasterMap Topography layer descriptive terms content will be released during 2017.

Are you ready for the update?

Please check with your software supplier that your geographic information software supports Schema 9 data.

Sample data for OS MasterMap Topography Layer and ITN Layer
Earlier in the year, we supplied customers with sample data showing delivery changes and the new schema for Topography Layer, ITN and ITN RRI was supplied to all customers. This sample contains no new content but is intended to match the data format and schema that will be delivered after the upgrade.

Download sample data for Topography Layer and ITN

Please don’t load this data into your current Topography Layer data holding. It will invalidate verification of your holding when using a Feature Validation Data Set (FVDS). It should only be used in a test environment. 

Other useful resources

OS MasterMap Topography layer content enhancement

We're running comprehensive testing on the new descriptive terms content for OS MasterMap Topography layer. This will significantly improve the analytical capabilities of the data, and will be phased in from summer 2017. Sample data for this is available for download.

Any questions?

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