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Superseded products

We actively manage our product portfolio, regularly launching new and improved product offerings. Once the vast majority of our customers have migrated from an older product to a superior replacement, we withdraw it from the market after a notice period of several months.

The following products have been withdrawn in recent years:

ADDRESS-POINT, OS Mastermap Address Layer and OS MasterMap AddressLayer 2 were address products released successively between 1996 and 2006. They were withdrawn in November 2015 and have been replaced by the AddressBase product family.

Legacy addressing Q&A

Withdrawal notices:

Land-Form Profile and Land-Form Profile Plus, both superseded by OS Terrain 5, were withdrawn from sale to new customers in January 2013 and to existing customers in September 2014. They were high-specification height products designed to underpin modelling applications and prediction analysis in a GIS environment.

1:10 000 Scale Colour Raster, superseded by OS Vectormap Local, was withdrawn from sale to new customers in July 2013 and to existing customers from April 2014. It was a backdrop map data product on which you could overlay your information, to provide a geographic context for your data.

OS Select, superseded by Custom Made maps, was a made-to-order OS Landranger or OS Explorer map, printed on the same type of paper used for our standard maps, which enabled you to decide exactly where its centre should be.

OS Sitemap, superseded by products from our Partners, provided you with extracts of Ordnance Survey mapping in a number of different formats and to different scales. It was developed to suit the requirements of a broad range of customers, from private individuals requiring paper map copies for planning applications to architects and engineering businesses wanting electronic map data to be used for a development project.

OS Landplan, superseded by OS VectorMap Local, was available as either paper plots or data from high-street outlets around the country, OS Landplan Data was the largest scale of Ordnance Survey raster data to show contours, providing an overview of the lie of the land. Fences, field boundaries, road names and buildings were also included.

Until April 2010, we acted as a a reseller of BLOM Aerofilms Pictometry products, offering access to an instantly available, ‘offthe-shelf’ library of high-resolution oblique imagery, covering all of Great Britain’s urban areas with a population of greater than 50,000.

Land-Line, superseded by OS MasterMap Topography Layer, was withdrawn in 2008. It was for many years our flagship, detailed topographical data product.

The OSCAR product family was superseded by OS MasterMap Integrated Transport Network Layer.

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