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OS VectorMap Local is a backdrop map that can be displayed at scales of 1:3 000 to 1:20 000. It is available in both raster and vector formats.

Product enhancement coming in October 2018

OS VectorMap Local is one of our most popular products with OS customers and Partners, which is why we're investing in significant improvements to this product.

The new improvements will be:

  • A more up-to-date view of the world: We're improving our maintenance process to ensure the whole of GB is updated per refresh (where appropriate) rather than just a subset area.
  • Clearer vector data for better analysis: Road and building features will be uninterrupted by things such as road casings, overlaps, and tile edges.
  • Improved building representation: We've changed the parameters in our data to ensure more buildings are represented; gaps between buildings persist, and more complex details of buildings are shown.
  • Easier-to-load vector data: We're updating the format of the vector data so that it's easy to load directly into industry-standard geographic information system (GIS) packages.

More about VectorMap Local October 2018 changes (PDF)

We believe there is real value in these improvements and we look forward to delivering the improved product in October 2018, with as smooth a transition as possible. We'll be implementing a change to the OS VectorMap Local product schema so that we can deliver these benefits to you.

Images showing changes to restricted access roads

Current OS VectorMap Local raster data...

Example of new OS VectorMap Local raster data (July 2018)...

Image showing building generalisation data

The red shows buildings captured in current OS VectorMap Local data.
The black lines show how buildings will appear in the updated data (July 2018).

Using OS VectorMap Local


Where can I find more help for this product, working with vector/GML format

Read the user guide for vector/GML format of this product.

Where can I find support for the Raster format of VectorMap Local?

Please see the Raster format user guide.