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Sharing data with others

Can OSMA and PSMA members share data with each other?

Yes, this is one of the benefits of membership of a public sector mapping agreement with common terms for members. Members can share data providing they are licensed for the same product and geographical area. This may vary as OSMA members are licensed for Scotland and a 2 km buffer for some products.

How do I pass digital mapping to a member of the public?

This activity is not permitted under a licence agreement. This could only happen if the individual had a licence for the same product and geographical area.

Can I pass a paper map to a member of the public?

Yes, if it supports your core business as a public sector organisation.

Is it possible to pass map data to a non Local Education Authority (LEA) school?

No, you should refer them to the Digimap for Schools service

You can pass mapping to LEA Schools. However, if they require a digital mapping service you can also refer them to Digimap for Schools.

You may also want to visit our education pages for further information.

Can I pass map data to a charity?

This depends on whether the charity is involved in activity that directly supports your core business, as a public sector organisation.

If they are, then you can pass them mapping using an End User Licence.

Am I still able to get paper maps from my lead Local Authority?

If you have a pre-existing arrangement with your lead local authority to supply you with paper maps under a contractors licence then you will now need to apply to join a Mapping Agreement in your own right.

Once you have been supplied with your licence number you can continue to receive and use paper maps from your lead local authority without the requirement of signing a new Contractor Licence.

Where can I get more help?

Please visit the public sector support home page for more help.

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