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Can I purchase an OS Maps plan in this release?

Can I purchase an OS Maps plan in this release?

Yes, if you’re a member of the PSMA or OSMA agreements.

Yes, if you’re a Partner who holds CSC, PP or online viewing contracts.

Yes, if you’re a direct customer who holds GB data licences for all featured products.

Can I trial OS Maps in this release?

Yes, any customer can trial OS Maps in this release. Please refer to the licence for usage restrictions.

How do I sign up for a plan?

Complete the online order form choosing the relevant plan and accepting terms and conditions: . Once you’ve completed the form we’ll send you an API key.

What plans are available at launch?
Customer Group


Plan name


Free use / transaction limit


Service fee (at point of sale)




All customers




200,000 over 2 months





OS VectorMap District

OS Terrain 50

1:250 000 Scale Colour Raster



Detailed World Polygons (LSIB) – Eurasia/Africa - March 2013

OS VectorMap Local

1:25 000 Scale Colour Raster

1:50 000 Scale Colour Raster

OS MasterMap Topography Layer

Partners/SIs/ Developers/ Software providers


Data Exploration


1,500,000 per month for 12 months








100,000,000 per annum




GB Licence holders, PSMA, OSMA




1,200,000 per annum




GB Licence holders, PSMA, OSMA




12,000,000 per annum




*Plus quarterly royalty returns.

Can I migrate from an existing OS service?

The OS Maps API is a brand new offering and there won’t be any migration from existing services at this stage.

What will happen to existing services such as OS OnDemand and OS OpenSpace?

These services will continue to exist and will be maintained. If we decide to withdraw any of them, we will provide customers with the appropriate notification and explain the options available.

How do I use OS Maps API?

Full documentation, including examples of how to use the service, can be found here.

Will I need any tech/development work to use the API?

The documentation includes how–to guides for use in ArcGIS Online, QGIS and moving an app from OS OpenSpace. However ‘web development’ skills may be required to integrate the API into websites and web applications. 

Who do I contact if I need help getting up and running?

Call our Business Enquiries team on 03456 05 05 05 or speak to your Relationship Manager.


Who do I contact if I need help getting up and running?

Call our Business Enquiries team on 03456 05 05 05 or speak to your Relationship Manager.


How do I monitor my usage of the API?

In this initial release you will either need to build this functionality into your app or make a request through your relationship manager. Partners are required to capture usage information of each layer for a royalty return.

How do I upgrade from a trial to a paid-for plan?

Complete the online order form choosing the relevant paid for plan and accepting Terms & Conditions. Please note that you may need to change your API Key. Please liaise with your Relationship Manager to minimise the impact of this change and ensure this happens prior to your go-live.

Can the trial be extended?

No. You’ll need to upgrade to a paid for plan at the end of the trial to continue to use the service. Please ensure that you don’t start the trial until you’re ready to start evaluating the service.

How will I be charged for a paid-for plan?

We will raise all service invoices during the first week of the licence period. If you are a partner, royalties will be arranged by your Relationship Manager.

When will OS be launching their new API Store, and what does it mean to me?

In the Summer of 2016 OS will be launching a new API Store. At that point we will require OS Maps customers to re-register via the new API store for a new account and OS Maps Service Plan.  This means that you will need to amend the code in your application or website to ensure continued access to the OS Maps API. We will give you advance notice about when and how to migrate.

How will my contract renewal be aligned to the new API store?

It will initially be renewed on the anniversary of the original 12 month period, but for a pro-rata amount calculated to the anniversary of the migration to the new API Store. It will then be renewed for a further 12 months for the full invoice amount. For example:

Example customer sign up with illustrative dates, not actual dates.

  • 1 Jan 2016 – Customer buys new OS Maps plan using our existing infrastructure with 12 month duration. Customer invoiced in full for purchase.
  • 1 August 2016 – Customer migrates to new API Store. Customer amends code, uses new API Key and starts a new plan in the API Store. The customer’s transaction count is re-set to zero. (Effectively transactions between point of purchase and migration date are ‘free’.)
  • 1 Jan 2017 – Customer is invoiced on a Pro-rata basis for period 1st Jan 2017 to 1st August 2017. This is to align their plan with the dates in the API Store to enable automated billing.
  • 1 August 2017 – Customer is invoiced for a new 12-month plan. Dates of plans are now aligned to those in the new API Store.

Customers who reach their transaction limit during the lifetime of their plan will renew at that time and will be billed at that date.

What happens if I use up my transaction limit before the launch of the new A

Your plan will be renewed in our existing infrastructure and you will be invoiced in the normal way. When you migrate to the new API store, your transaction count is re-set to zero. Effectively, transactions between point of renewal and the migration date are ‘free’.

When will OS be launching their new API store?

The new API Store will be launched in phases from Summer 2016. We’ll notify customers in good time with regards to migration activity and new functionality.

What’s on the roadmap for the OS Maps API?

OS Maps API is a fully supported product and as such will continue to evolve with customer and market needs. Within the near future, we expect to expand support for imagery data and vector data serving.

Can I add OS Maps to my existing app (API key) for OS Places?

You’ll be able to add OS Maps to your OS Places app once it’s migrated to the new API Store.