Preview service now available

We’ve launched our OS Maps API, which means businesses and organisations can get access to Ordnance Survey’s remarkable maps.

Make sure your location app is robust, reliable, and really easy to use. With OS Maps, you’ll have five beautiful map styles and all the detail, icons and features your users already trust. The styles incorporate stunning cartography and range from being ideal for outdoor use, to being optimised for devices used at night. Scale can vary too, from an overview of Great Britain as a whole, right down to the level of detail needed to identify a single building.

Our most detailed, up-to-date, accurate mapping data – ready for you to use. From rich layers of topographical data, to our stunning high detail leisure maps.

In the outdoor stack, buildings are drawn from OS MasterMap Topography, with generalized heights.

It's a RESTful web service, which is easy to integrate, and because you're not locked in to Ordnance Survey - you're free to use our APIs with other providers’ services (subject to third party terms and conditions).

For the technically minded, this API will support EPSG:27700 and EPSG:3857 in OGC KVP WMTS and RESTful ZXY, and in a png format.

Free trials, paid plans for OS Maps API

OS Maps API is available in a preview service at the moment for our partners, business and public sector customers, but we’ll be launching a brand new API store in summer 2016 – with even more APIs, new services, and new opportunities for API developers.

When that happens we’ll need any current OS Maps API users to re-register with us via that new API store. Don’t worry, we’ll give you advance notice about when and how this works – it will be a one-time migration, so we can give everyone the same high levels of service from one online portal.

Get started with OS Maps API now