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Using OS OnDemand WMS FAQs

Can I get the OS MasterMap Topography Layer in raster format outside of OnDemand WMS?

No. A web map service, serves information only as unintelligent images and does not provide vector data. OS MasterMap Topography Layer is used in OS OnDemand to provide large-scale topographic images.

Why am I getting blue masking when I make a request in the service?

If a blue mask is showing, this normally indicates that you are not licensed for the Ordnance Survey map data or the specific area you have requested.

Why can I not see any maps of the Isle of Man at a more detailed level then 1:50 000 Scale Colour Raster? There is a blue mask shown.

If a blue mask is shown, normally this would indicate that you are not licensed for the Ordnance Survey map data for this area (e.g. you do not hold the required PSMA or Framework Direct licence). In the case of the Isle of Man the intellectual property for these more detailed maps is held by the Isle of Man government and as such, Ordnance Survey does not have a licence to be able to serve these maps within OS OnDemand.

The following products are available for this area:

  • GB Overview+,
  • GB Overview,
  • MiniScale®,
  • 1:250 000 Scale Colour Raster,
  • 1:50 000 Scale Colour Raster,
  • Land-Form PANORAMA® DTM,
  • Land-Form PANORAMA® Contours and
  • Strategi®
When using Strategi and Meridian2, the features from Strategi are overlaying on top of Meridian2 features. Why does this happen?

Where two or more products are requested in one get-map-request, they are returned as a single image. If one or more of the requested products is a multi-layer vector product, then the text relating to each product will be present as above. It should be noted that there may be conflict between text occurring in different products. For products with licence masks, these masks will be applied directly after each of these products.

Why do I not see lines, texts and points in the OSMasterMap Topography layer when they are being requested?

This happens because the topographic areas are being rendered on top of the other requested layers thus concealing them from view when the image is generated within the service. In order to see all the components, the topographic area must be requested first followed by the others, so that these are drawn on top.

I have requested multiple OS MasterMap layers one at a time and the response seems slow. Can I do anything to improve this?

Requesting multiple OS MasterMap layers in parallel, will result in an overall faster response time than if multiple layers are treated as a single request.

I have expanded my product contract area, but can't view the new entitlement in OS OnDemand WMS. Why?

When you expand your contract area, this has to be updated in our systems before you can view your entitlement in OS OnDemand. This should take approximately 24 hours. For example, if you expand your contract on Monday the new entitlement should be available to view from Tuesday morning. If you expand your area on a Friday the change should be available on Monday morning.

Please contact us if you are still experiencing problems after this.

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