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OpenSpace API documentation


Stable version 4.0

Pilot version 4.0 documentation:

OpenSpace Javascript class library

Change Log

Version 4.0 release notes

Old versions

Support discontinued for versions 1.2 and 0.8.0 with effect from 1 April 2013.

OS API version control process

OS Openspace API code changes are placed in a pilot site prior to being pushed into live (stable release), so that developers can check their sites.

Stable release – A stable release should be used in your live application.

If you are running a live web or mobile web application and want to guarantee stability you should always use the latest stable version by using the standard script tag.

Pilot release – The pilot API should be used only for testing your application against new things that we either introduce or remove.

We will be regularly updating the pilot API with new features, fixes and improvements. All API changes are regression tested, so any change should just work, but we will make the pilot API available for testing in advance of pushing code into the next stable release. If you want to receive a feed of the pilot API you will need to add ‘ite’ into the domain.

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