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OS OpenSpace technical FAQs

Which web browsers work with OS OpenSpace?

At the moment OS OpenSpace supports IE6+, Firefox 1.5+, Safari 2+ Opera 8+ and Google Chrome 1+.

If you are working in IE8 and have used the web-map builder application, you may come across “display me using modern standards”. To overcome this, you will need to enable and turn on Compatibility View mode for all web pages and websites:

  • click on Tools menu,
  • select Compatibility View Settings.
  • In the “Compatibility View Settings” dialog, tick the check box for Display all websites in Compatibility View option.
  • Click on Close button when done.
I keep getting a HTTP Referrer error, why is this?

This is usually because the registered URL is not correctly registered. You need to ensure that you have registered two types of URLs for your application, for example:




If you do need to register an additional url, please send us an email stating your API Key and the URL that you need to get added.

How do I add a GPX route to my map?

We have an OS OpenSpace Forum which contains a vast number of useful items added by OS OpenSpace users. One of our contributors have an excellent post on this topic.

Can I Use Localhost to develop?

Yes Local host is used for development purposes and OS OpenSpace has been configured to work using local host prior to go live.

We are aware of an issue using localhost in IE. We therefore suggest using an alternative web browser such as Firefox or Chrome.

Does OpenLayers work with OS OpenSpace?

OS OpenSpace is built upon an Open Source library called OpenLayers. The OpenLayers project provides a standard open mapping JavaScript framework, supported by the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo). Further information and API documentation and many examples can be found at http://www.openlayers.org/.

Is OS OpenSpace code an OpenSource product?

Our API proprietary code, supporting documentation and build instructions has been released as OSGB Web Map Tools and is free to download from SourceForge.net

What does OpenSpace use JavaScript Namespace for?

The OS OpenSpace API uses the OpenSpace namespace for all its own functions and classes. The OpenLayers functions and classes remain in their own OpenLayers namespace.

For instance:

Do you have any documentation to support the current default API Version?

Yes please see our documentation page which provides you with links to the supporting documentation for the current version of the API.

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