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OS OpenSpace FAQs

What mapping is available through OS OpenSpace?

The following mapping layers are available with OS OpenSpace

Are there any daily limits attached to OS OpenSpace?

Yes there are usage limits attached to the free service these are:

  • 65 000 tiles of mapping data in a 24-hour period.
  • 1 000 Place name look-ups (Gazetteer service) in a 24-hour period
  • 1 000 Postcode look-ups in a 24-hour period
  • 1 000 Boundary look-Ups in a 24 hour period
Can I add/remove URLs to my existing API Key. If so how do I do this?

Yes. You can carry out this activity from the 'Manage My Account' page.

How do I integrate OS OpenSpace into WordPress?

We have published a tutorial that will help you to integrate your OS OpenSpace map into WordPress. There is also a very helpful plug-in that an external developer has created. You you can get this via the link at the bottom of the tutorial.

I am trying to us Web-Map Builder Tool but am getting a 400 bad error why is this?

This is an issue that we are aware of but to resolve this simply clear your internet history then refresh the page and you will gain access to the tool.

Can I present my own information on top of an OS OpenSpace map?

Yes, our API allows you to place any kind of information that has a geographic reference (such as a National Grid reference or latitude / longitude) on top of our maps.

There are a variety of functions to add your own information. You can use markers (either the OS OpenSpace standard or your own), lines, polygons and pop-up boxes with the content or media you wish.

Can I make my application commercial and still use OS OpenSpace?

The OS OpenSpace Developer Agreement does not allow any financial gain to be derived directly from accessing the our data from your application. For example, you may not charge the end-user for the use of your application. For details, refer to the definition of 'Financial Gain', 'Purpose' and Section 6 of the OS OpenSpace Developer Agreement.

If you are interested in commercialising your application, you may want to consider OS OpenSpace Pro and our Licensed Partner Programme to help develop your idea further. For more information, please contact us.

Can I advertise on an OS OpenSpace application?

Yes you are allowed to put suitable ads on your website.

Am I allowed to use OS OpenSpace in social networks?

Yes, you can use OS OpenSpace in a social network, provided that the application that you create is publicly available.

Am I allowed to use OpenSpace on a private network?

No you cannot use your application on a private network or password protect it. The URL folder you register and the application you build must be publicly accessible and not behind a password, internal network or other form of restriction.

I am using OS OpenSpace to create a database of location based information. Does Ordnance Survey own this information?

Yes. When you use OS OpenSpace to geocode data by adding locations or attributes to it that have been directly accessed from and/or made available by our map data, then the resulting data is 'derived data', because it is derived from Ordnance Survey data.

We would own such 'derived data', but we grant you a non-exclusive, personal licence to use it within your web application. Please refer to the definition of 'Derived Data' and Clause 5.4 of the OS OpenSpace Developer Agreement.

I have some data that I have already geocoded. If I plot this using OS OpenSpace, does Ordnance Survey own it?

No. When you are simply using OS OpenSpace to display data that you have geocoded yourself, by other means, your geocoded data remains your own. Provided that any data you create is not derived in any way from, and does not contain any elements of our data, then it amounts to what we call 'your data', and we do not claim ownership of any copyright or other intellectual property rights in such data. We do, however, ask you to grant us a non-exclusive licence to display such data within your web application to enable us to provide the basic service to you and your end-users. Please refer to the definition of 'Your Data' and Clause 5.5 of the OS OpenSpace Developer Agreement.

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