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Integrate a Web-map builder map using an ‘iframe’

If you wish to integrate a separate map created using Web-map builder into an existing web page, you can use an iframe (inline frame). The iframe will display your web-map HTML file and is suitable for most web pages and blogs.

At step 4 in the web-map builder, right-click (or equivalent) and choose Select All. Copy the entire code into a simple editor such as notepad and save it as an html document with the title “oswebmap.html”.

Then upload this HTML file to your host or server using an FTP client usually provided by your host.

In your web site page where you want the web-map to appear, insert the following script. You’ll only need to do this once.

  <iframe src="http://yourhostdomain/oswebmap.html" width="570" height="460" frameborder=”0″ 
scrolling=”auto” name=”oswebmapframe”></iframe>

Change the “yourhostdomain” text to your website URL.

If all has gone well, your web-map should appear in your web page. If not, try refreshing the page, or clearing your cache. If the frame size needs adjusting, alter the width and height until it looks right.

Next time you want to update your web-map, login to web-map builder, edit your web-map and save it again to a file named “oswebmap.html” and upload it to your host or server.

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