Licensing for direct customers

Find out about our licensing terms before you order an OS product.

What does the licence enable me to do?

The licence lets you use our data for your business use, to help you get the most from our products. The terms and conditions in the FCDC that cover these activities are called “Licensed Use”.

We have three variants of "Licensed Use" which provide licence terms appropriate to the requirements of particular customer groups:
'Standard': are the rights that are available to all customers
'Infrastructure Body' covers Utilities; and
'Public Sector Body' covers Central and Local Government

See our “Licensed Use” page for further information.

What are your licensing terms?

The licence that covers your business use is called the Framework Contract (Direct Customers) or FCDC.

Framework Contract (Direct Customers)

The FCDC is an overarching agreement that sets out the commerical relationship between you and us and covers such things as:

  • Your main obligations as a customer
  • Your Licensed Use terms
  • Provisions setting out how Licence Fees are calculated and when they are payable
  • The way we make amendments to the Agreement
  • How the Agreement may be ended or suspended
  • The warranties and indemnities that apply to the Agreement
  • Provisions on your and our liabilities
  • Confidentiality provisions
  • Our audit rights

This list is not exhaustive. Please refer to the FCDC for full terms.

The FCDC is an open-ended licence which only needs to be signed once and stays in place for as long as you are licensed for at least one product.

In conjunction with the FCDC, you will also need to accept our Data Contract terms for the product/s that you are licensing.

What are Data Contracts?

When you place an order for our data you will be asked to accept licensing terms specific to the product you are ordering, this is known as the Data Contract and is formed by the options that you select when you go through the order process. This includes:

  • access and use rights
  • payment options
  • length of contract; and
  • data formats

It may also include:

  • any third party terms that apply; and
  • any additional product specific terms
How long can I licence your data for?

Our Data Contracts can last for between one and five years depending on your chosen product/s.  You can renew or extend your contract as required.


How much does your data cost and what are your payment options?

Please see our price list for information. 

Price list

Minimum charges apply to orders as detailed in our price list.

You can choose to pay a licence fee on an annual basis for your contract or pay a single licence fee upfront for the entire term of your contract.

We offer multi-year discounts for some of our products when you pay upfront.

Find out how to get OS data


How do I order your data?

To find out more about ordering OS data, speak to us on 02380 055991 or email

You'll then need to fill out an application form and once that's all checked we'll send you login details to our online data ordering system, OS Orders.

How do public sector bodies order your data?

If you are a public sector organisation licensed under the Public Sector Mapping Agreement or One Scotland Mapping Agreement many of our products will already be available to you.

Please sign in to order data available under your agreement.

If you have any queries in respect of your agreement please see our Public Sector licensing support pages.

If you want to order data for a product which isn't covered by your public sector agreement, you will need to sign up to accept the terms of the FCDC. You can then log in to "OS Orders" using your usual Username and Password to place your order.

Sign up here

Can I give your data to a contractor?

If you want to appoint a contractor to work with our data on your behalf, or tender for a contract with you then you can let them use:

a) your licensed data for your Licensed Use and/or

b) your log-in details for the purpose of accessing such licensed data via "OS Orders".

You may use the following interactive Standard Form Contractor Licence to sign up your contractors.

Contractor Licence

Or if you have your own licence that you ask contractors to sign, then if you prefer, you can include our contractor terms in your licence.

We don't mind which method you use to sign up contractors. For example, Online, email, wet ink, etc. as long as they agree to our terms and conditions.


Do I need to acknowledge the use of your data?

You will need to use our copyright acknowledgements with our data. For details on how to use our acknowledgements, branding and map legends, please see our Style Guide.

How can I contact you?

If you have any queries about our licensing, please call us on 03456 050505. We are available between 8:30am and 5:30pm, Monday to Friday.