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Licensing for Direct Customers

You can license digital map data directly from us by signing up to our Framework Contract (Direct Customers), or FCDC.

The FCDC sets out the commercial relationship between us, and how you may access and use your data.

The FCDC lasts between one and five years, depending on your chosen product/s. You can choose to pay licence fees each year or a single licence fee upfront for the entire initial term of the FCDC and you can renew or extend your contract as required.

Data licensed under the FCDC is offered on Licensed Use terms.

Agreement terms

Sign up here

Join the agreement by completing this form

PSMA or OSMA members: If you would like to license, under commercial terms, data that isn't included in your agreement, sign up here. You don't need to provide information for a credit check, as new customers do above, because we created an account for you when your organisation joined the agreement.

Licensed Use

These terms enable Users to use Ordnance Survey Data for their internal business use, meaning the internal administration and operation of their business.

We have three variants of “Licensed Use” which provide licence terms appropriate to the requirements of particular customer groups:

  1. Standard: are the rights that are available to all customers unless they are an;
  2. Infrastructure Body (Utility); or a
  3. Public Sector Body

Additional rights apply to Infrastructure Bodies and Public Sector Bodies.

Data Contracts

A separate Data Contract is implemented for each product licensed. This contract describes the product specific terms and conditions, access and use rights, annual royalties, data formats, etc.

These contracts are available from our product pages when you place your order. Examples can be viewed here.

Minimum values may apply to individual data orders, invoice values and annual contract values, as detailed in our price list.

Contractor Use

You may permit Contractors, for the purpose of providing, or tendering to provide you with goods or services, to use:

a) Licensed data for your Licensed Use; and /or

b) Your login details for the purpose of accessing such Licensed Data via our On-Line Ordering Service.

Please see our FCDC Contractor Use terms for full details.

The following interactive Standard Form Contractor Licence can be used by you to sign up your Contractors.

Contractor Licence

Copyright Acknowledgements

Copyright statements for use with our data can be found in our Style Guide.

A copy of our superseded Style Guide can be viewed here. You can continue to use this information up until 8 February 2016, although we would urge you to start using the new copyright statements, logos and legends as soon as possible.

See also

We’ve made available a number of changes to our licensing for customers from 1 October 2015.

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