Displaying Ordnance Survey maps on the Internet

Find out which licence is right for you, so you can enjoy having OS maps on your website.

If you're not sure which licence you need, you should contact your account manager (if you have one) or our Customer Services team. We strongly advise that you seek advice from us before you proceed with your website development.

Licences that permit Internet use

Licensing OS OpenData
OS makes a number of raster and vector datasets available free of charge under the terms of the Open Govenment Licence (OGL). The OGL allows you to display the data on the internet, as well as many other uses.

OS OpenSpace Developer Agreement
The OS OpenSpace is free of charge and enables web applications to be built using a selection of datasets that are hosted by Ordnance Survey.  It is available for use by anyone, including commerical organisations.

Paper Map Copying Licence
Should you wish to display mapping on the internet for the purpose of demonstrating the location of or providing directions to your premises, static assets owned by you, your area of operation and/or a bespoke event organised by you, then you can do so under the terms of our Paper Map Copying Licence.

Publishing Licence
The Publishing Licence may be suitable if you are publishing mapping on the internet copied from either paper maps or taken from data and you are a small website publisher publishing raster images of mapping which cannot be edited, manipulated, interrogated, geo-referenced or customised in any way or used within geographical information system or other comparable database or software system. You may make Financial Gain through advertising and sponsorship on the website. Licence fees are payable on an annual basis.

If you intend using 1:50 000 Scale Raster Mapping on a website scanned from paper maps you can do this without charge and use up to 100 map extracts (size restrictions apply). Please complete the Publishing request form above and tick the appropriate box.

Should you intend creating a commercial website you may wish to consider applying for a Consumer Solutions Contract under our Framework Contract (Partners).

Framework Contract (Direct Customers)
If you purchase and licence data with us directly, limited external use rights allowing you to display mapping on the internet are provided as part of your Licensed Use.

Business Solutions-Online Viewing Contract
This Contract enables partners to provide digital Products/Services supplied as online viewing solutions enabling Viewing of Data by End Users for their business use.

Consumer Solutions Contract
If you wish to create a navigation product or service or hosted web application aimed at consumers, you will require our Consumer Solutions Contract under our Framework Contract (Partners).