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Glossary of copyright licensing terms

Display – is defined as a single static image with no size restrictions, i.e. display boards or on the internet.

Promotion – is defined as multiple copies on any media, paper/CD/DVD etc, and where the total area of mapping used does not exceed A3 or 1250 square centimetres size.

Mapping used for display and promotion must include additional overlay. This means our maps cannot be published under this licence without some information on top. For example you may wish to highlight an area of interest by colouring or shading part of the map. It could be just a dot and an arrow pointing to the location of interest. It cannot be just an exact copy of an Ordnance Survey map with no other information. The purpose of this is to allow licensees to show a location using our maps as a backdrop, not just a reproduction of a map that is already sold commercially.

Financial gain – is defined as where any revenue or credit is received in respect of publishing or use of our material. This includes selling publications but also any revenue from advertising or sponsorship.

Commercial purposes – means any purposes which seek to exploit the Ordnance Survey material for financial gain or any purpose which is or is likely to place the use of the Ordnance Survey material in competition with a third party who is seeking to exploit material licensed from Ordnance Survey for financial gain or for any other purpose.

Internal business use – is defined as the use of Ordnance Survey material in the ordinary day-to-day activities involved in the internal administration and running of the Customer’s business.

Facsimile – facsimile mapping is a copy or reproduction of Ordnance Survey mapping that is the same or similar in style and appearance to Ordnance Survey mapping, albeit that some alterations or additions may have been made

Redrawn – redrawn mapping means the use within a publication of mapping that has been redrawn or compiled with reference to Ordnance Survey maps but are not exact or facsimile copies and do not look like the Ordnance Survey maps. Redrawn mapping includes mapping that has been reproduced by another publisher from Ordnance Survey material, for example, Geographers’ A-Z Map Co Ltd, Estate Publications, Philip’s and so on.

Raster – is defined as digital material where the information is made up of pixels. An example of raster data is a scanned image or photograph.

Vector – a straight line joining two data points.

Static image – An image that cannot be manipulated, changed or moved.

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