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Discover what you can do with OS licensing, and how to work with us.

Achieve your task with an OS licence

Use OS OpenData for free
You can download over a dozen OS OpenData products free of charge. They're covered by the Open Government Licence, which allows commercial use.

Try OS premium products
Sign up to our Data Exploration Licence to download data for evaluation, research and development. Your trial can last as long as you need.

Copy paper maps
To copy OS maps as part of your day-to-day business, sign your office up for a Paper Map Copying Licence.

Publish our maps on an occasional basis
To publish OS maps in one-off, low-volume publications, in paper or digital format, you need our Publishing Licence.

Use OS maps in the media
To use small extracts of OS maps in TV, films, print and online, get our Media Licence. For specific mapping to support a news story, please contact our Media team.

Share OS data with a contractor
Before sharing your OS data with your contractors, please ask them to sign and return to you a completed copy of our Standard Form Contractor Licence (PDF).

Use OS data in education and research
If you're in an educational establishment, you don't need a licence to teach, learn about, research or study OS data. You'll only need one when using certain products/services. Using OS data in education and research.

Sign up and work with OS

Mapping Agreements
The Public Sector Mapping Agreement (covering England and Wales) and the One Scotland Mapping Agreement give access to premium OS mapping products and support.

New customer
Our Framework Contract (Direct Customers) sets out our standard commercial terms. Find out how to get OS data.

New partner
Please see the terms in our Framework Contract (Partners). To sign up, please email Partnership Enquiries or call 03456 05 05 05.

The Framework Trade Agreement explains our terms. To sign up, please contact us.

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Crown Copyright
With our change of status in April 2015, we were granted an exclusive right to use, license and manage mapping intellectual property on behalf of the Crown.
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Our pricing and licensing policy and practice
We're committed to operating our pricing and licensing policy in a fair, open and transparent way by providing a wide range of licences, including "free to use".
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Using and creating data with OS products
Understand what, legally, you can and can't do when creating new data, and using third-party data, with OS licensed data.
Derived data and more

Public sector licensing guide
Learn how you can share geographic data with other members of the PSMA and OSMA, other organisations and citizens.
Supporting the core business needs of members