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Framework Trade Agreement

Ordnance Survey has been publishing and distributing definitive national series paper maps to users of all types for over 200 years. The bulk of these maps are sold through a range of High Street retail outlets, some with household brand names.

Our supply chain for paper maps involves a variety of specialist and general book trade wholesalers, and many different types of retail outlet from national chains to small family stores, and from Motorway services to tourist locations and local information bureaux.

If you would like to wholesale or retail Ordnance Survey paper maps, please contact us. You will need to enter into a Framework Trade Agreement (FTA), of which there are three versions:

Retail FTA

Wholesale FTA

Etail FTA

The FTA contains details of the commercial relationship between you and Ordnance Survey and describes the business criteria and obligations you will have to meet. It also describes the terms and conditions under which you will be able to acquire and distribute Ordnance Survey paper maps.

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