Copying Ordnance Survey paper maps

Use our Paper Map Copying Licence to get the most out of OS maps in your organisation.

Ordnance Survey paper mapping is protected by Crown Copyright. We have delegated authority from The Keeper of Public Records to decide the terms and conditions under which our customers can copy our paper maps. This can be done in a number of ways, subject to your particular circumstances.

Paper Map Copying Licence

Subject to the applicable fee being paid, this licence lets you:

  • Copy unlimited amounts of original Ordnance Survey mapping to support their day-to-day business administration.
  • Make copies of mapping in either paper or electronic form – although electronic copies are subject to some specific rules
  • Include copies of mapping in leaflets, in brochures and on web pages, subject to the rules set out in the Licence.
  • Use copies of mapping as part of a professional service, subject to the rules set out in the Licence.
  • Copy Ordnance Survey mapping in all offices where your business operates, subject to the applicable fee payable for that number of offices.
  • Copy mapping based on Ordnance Survey mapping produced by another publisher, subject to you obtaining permission to copy the mapping involved directly from that publisher.

 Annual Licence

The annual fee is based on the number of offices to be covered by the licence.

Apply for a Paper Map Copying Licence

Renew your Licence

Alternatively, please contact one of our partners to obtain a licence.

Publishing maps in print – information about our Publishing Licence

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