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If you would like to publish our maps within a publication, on a merchandising product or on websites, our Publishing Licence is for you. Here’s what it covers in more detail.

1. Maps within a publication

Apply for a licence

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This licence covers publications which are either for sale or distributed free of charge. Publications are defined as, but not limited to, books, newsletters, leaflets, brochures, catalogues and journals. A licence is granted for single publications only, with reprints and new editions requiring a separate licence and royalty payment.

This licence is best if you only wish to produce occasional or one-off publications in small quantities. Licence fees are calculated based on the total area of map used and the number of copies of the publication printed. We charge more for facsimile than redrawn mapping.

Facsimile mapping means the reproduction of any Ordnance Survey Mapping within a Publication which is, at the sole discretion of Ordnance Survey, the same or similar in style and appearance as the original albeit that some alterations or additions (which shall include changes in the scale or the colours) have been made.

Redrawn mapping means Ordnance Survey Mapping which is substantially or entirely redrawn to your own specification and which is not recognisable in style or appearance as the original Ordnance Survey Mapping copied.

We charge a one-off fee per publication.

2. Merchandising products

A merchandising product is a product whose primary use is not a map; for example, a mug, tea towel or pillow case. Licence fees are calculated based on the total amount of mapping used and the number of copies of the publication printed and vary for facsimile and redrawn mapping. The licence has a one off fee per publication. (A licence is granted for a single publication only with reprints requiring a separate licence and royalty payment).

Should you intend reproducing mapping in publications on a regular basis you may wish to consider applying for a Printed Products Contract under our Framework Contract (Partners).

3. Maps on websites

If you are publishing mapping on the internet, this licence is suited to small website publishers, publishing static images of mapping that cannot be edited, manipulated, interrogated, geo-referenced or customised in any way, or used within geographical information system or other comparable database or software system. You may make Financial Gain through advertising and sponsorship on the website. Licence fees are payable on an annual basis.

If you intend to use 1:50 000 Scale Raster maps on a website, scanned from OS Landranger Maps, you may do so without charge and use up to 100 map extracts. Please complete the Publishing request form below and tick the appropriate box.

Please note:

How to apply for a Licence

Please download (we suggest you right-click and choose Save Target As (or equivalent) to save it to your computer) the form below:, email the form below to

Publishing Licence Request Form (interactive PDF)

Then complete and email it to InvoicingTeam@ordnancesurvey.co.uk.

If you require a quotation, please tick the box provided on the request form. If you do not request a quote, an invoice for the fee due will be sent to you upon acceptance of your application. The licence period starts on the date of your invoice.


We do not supply the maps or data you wish to use as part of the Publishing Licence, which only grants you the right to use our products in the way you have set out. You will need to order your maps or data separately, either from us or one of our partners.

We may refuse the application:

  • If you exceed the size restrictions detailed within the licence.
  • If we consider the publication, merchandising product or website offensive or derogatory; for example, in the case of merchandising, underwear.

Previous customers may like to know that we updated the Publishing Licence in April 2014 to cover the types of publishing described above.

We removed the complex volume discounts to make it easier for you to understand how the licence fee is calculated. You might benefit from a reduction in the licence fee as a result.

A signature is no longer required to take out the licence; we now take your completion of the request form to indicate your acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Publishing Licence charges

The charges under this licence can be found at schedule 1 of the Publishing Request Form.

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The minimum licence fee is £47.50 plus VAT.

If you are producing a Publication or Merchandising product, the licence fee depends on the total amount of mapping reproduced and the number of copies printed; you can estimate the amount by using the table above.

If you are reproducing more than one map extract, you will need to add together all the maps used to estimate the mapping charge.

For example, if four A5 extracts are used the total area is A3. If three A4 extracts are used the total area falls into the Up to A2 banding.

The minimum licence fee is £47.50 plus VAT.

Worked examples

Reproduce an A4 extract of OS Landranger map in a book with a print run of 5 000.

4.5p per copy x 5 000 = £225.00 plus VAT

Reproduce an A3 extract of a redrawn map on a CD-ROM with a print run of 1 250.

2.5p per copy x 1 250 = £31.25 plus VAT

Reproduce an A5 extract of an OS Explorer map with a print run of 35 000.

2.5p per copy x 35 000 = £875.00 plus VAT.

If you are reproducing mapping on a website you need to multiply the number of extracts to be used,by £4.75 plus vat. There is a minimum licence fee of £47.50 plus vat

Restrictions on the amount of mapping you can use

There are restrictions on the amount of mapping you can use in a publication and on a website. Mapping used on a website is restricted to 100 extracts (200 cm2 at original scale) of facsimile mapping or 3000 extracts (100 cm2 at original scale) of redrawn mapping. These are no restrictions for merchandising products.

Publishing size restrictions on facsimile mapping are in place to protect our Intellectual Property. We are consistent in the amount of information we allow to be published, but we also need to keep it simple.

A large-scale map (for example, 1:2500 scale plan) does not show significant land area therefore the limit is A3. A small-scale map (for example, 1:50 000) would show a vast land area, we therefore limit the size of small-scale maps to A4.

Where the Ordnance Survey maps comprise less than 45% of the total content (which includes both text and pictorial content) of your publication and no individual map extract is larger than A3 in size, you may exceed the size restrictions stated above.

If you use a map extract showing exactly the same geographical area, at the same scale, more than once in your publication, you will only be charged again if the original map scale is different.

Ordnance Survey aerial photographs may be reproduced in your publication; we charge in the same way as for copies of maps.

The licence is only valid for a single publication; if you reprint it, you need to apply for another licence.

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