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Framework Contract (Partners) - Business Solutions - Online Viewing Contract Summary

Licensed partners can obtain digital map data from Ordnance Survey for inclusion within their own products and/or services under the terms of the Framework Contract (Partners) (FCP).

The FCP is the umbrella agreement which outlines the commercial relationship between OS and the licensed partner. A number of Contracts (including the Business Solutions - Online Viewing Contract) sit under the FCP and provide specific terms relating to the product(s)/service(s) being offered.

Below is a brief description of activities covered by the terms of the Business Solutions - Online Viewing Contract. This is only a summary of the key points and therefore not exhaustive, so please refer to the Contract for full details. If you're a Licensed Partner already you can view this here.

Under this Contract, we allow you to provide digital products and services as online viewing solutions that End Users can view and use for their business use (we refer to this as "Licensed Use" in our contracts).

End Users may View the data in two ways: as a Transaction or in a Session.

  • Transaction means an Address Transaction, a Geocode Transaction, a Map View Transaction and/or a Route Transaction.
  • Session means a period of time that starts when an End User accesses Licensed Data through an Online Solution and then expires when either the End User navigates away from or ceases to be connected to that solution - or 24 hours have passsed, whichever happens first.

Conditions of use

  • You have to do everything you can within reason to ensure that Cached Data is inaccessible at the end of any Session or Transaction.
  • You may not digitise features or symbols from any of our datasets.
  • You may store User Generated Content, as long as it can only be accessed by you and/or the Customer that created the User Generated Content and/or their End Users.


  • Royalties are based on Transactions and Sessions.
  • For certain products we offer a cumulative royalty free threshold of up to £75 each month in respect of Online Solutions supplied on a per Customer basis.

  • Products

    The following OS products can be licensed under this contract:

    • 1:25 000 Scale Colour Raster
    • 1:50 000 Scale Colour Raster
    • OS Terrain® 5
    • OS VectorMap® Local
    • OS VectorMap® Local Black and White Raster
    • OS VectorMap® Local Colour Raster
    • OS VectorMap® Local - Backdrop
    • OS MasterMap® Integrated Transport Network Layer – Road Network and Road Routing Information
    • OS MasterMap® Integrated Transport Network Layer - Urban Paths Theme
    • OS MasterMap® Topography Layer
    • OS MasterMap® Imagery Layer
    • OS MasterMap® Networks- Water Layer
    • OS Detailed Path Network
    • Points of Interest
    • Code-Point (UK coverage)
    • Code-Point with polygons
    • AddressBase®
    • AddressBase® Plus
    • AddressBase® Premium

    Please note that additional terms apply to datasets containing Third party data.

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