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Navigation, Consumer Applications and Websites Contract

This Overview highlights some of the key points from the contract; please refer to the Contract for full terms and conditions. Please contact our Customer Service Centre for further information.

This contract is designed to meet the needs of Partners providing consumer services via the Internet, mobile phones, and/or devices such as PCs in the form of a leisure product, software package or a standard on demand service. Route planning and analysis are permitted as is ‘navigation’ such as that provided by an in-car navigation system where a user receives automatically updated step-by-step instructions based on their navigation devices position and movement throughout the journey.

Conditions of use

Partners must ensure that all licensed data is inaccessible to the consumer on expiry of their subscription period or session including all cached and downloaded data (other than user generated routes and coordinates).

Partners must ensure that licensed data cannot be extracted, except to the extent necessary for the installation of the software package or the caching or downloading of the premium on demand service.

Partners must ensure that the standard on demand service does not permit consumers or their end-users to manipulate or edit the licensed data.

For Navigation, the end-users position in their vehicle can only be used for the purpose of navigating. It cannot be used as a tracking service.

To the extent your Products and/or Services are capable of being used as a Navigation Product, the geographical position of the Device may be used only:

a) by the End User using the Device; and

b) by the partner, to the extent necessary to enable that End User to use the Product and/or Service.

Partners are not permitted to digitise any features from 1:25 000 Scale Colour Raster and 1:50 000 Scale Colour Raster.

Partners may permit the Customer to use a Leisure Product (including downloading and using Licensed Data from a Premium On-Demand Service) on no more than one Device concurrently and on no more than five Devices in total.

Pricing structure

There are three (3) types of service that a Partner can offer:

  1. A premium on-demand service
  2. A standard on-demand service
  3. A software package

Premium On-Demand Service

Means an On-Demand Service where download and local storage of Licensed Data is permitted.

Royalties are paid on a subscription basis the term of which can be: one week; one month; or one year.

Standard On-Demand Service

Means a service hosted by the partner through which a consumer/and/or their end-user is able to access the licensed data remotely.

Royalties are paid on a subscription basis or Session basis.

A Session means a period of time commencing when an end-user accesses the licensed data through an on-demand service, and the session expires as soon as one of the following occurs:

a) the end-user navigates away from or ceases to be connected to the on-demand service; or

b) 24 hours have passed since commencement.

Software Package

Means software which contains licensed data supplied by the partner, for example, a leisure product.

Royalties for Software Packages may either be paid on a subscription basis, a perpetual basis or on a Lifetime Royalty basis (depending on the OS Data being used).

Licensed Data available in the Consumer Applications and Websites Contract

  • 1:25 000 Scale Colour Raster*
  • 1:50 000 Scale Colour Raster*
  • AddressBase®
  • AddressBase® Plus
  • AddressBase® Premium
  • Code-Point®
  • Code-Point® with polygons
  • OS Terrain® 5
  • OS MasterMap® Address Layer
  • OS MasterMap® Address Layer 2
  • OS MasterMap® Integrated Transport Network Layer – Road Network and Road Routing Information
  • OS MasterMap® Integrated Transport Network Layer – Urban Paths Theme
  • OS MasterMap® Topography Layer
  • OS MasterMap® Topography Layer – Roads, Tracks and Paths Theme (Tracks and Paths element only)
  • OS MasterMap® Topography Layer – Hydrology Theme
  • Points of Interest
  • OS VectorMap® Local
  • OS VectorMap® Local - Black and White Raster
  • OS VectorMap® Local - Colour Raster
  • OS VectorMap® Local - Colour Raster Backdrop

*660 DPI High Resolution Specification also available

Note: Additional Third party terms apply to some Licensed Data

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