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Framework Contract (Partners) - Distribution Contract Summary

Licensed partners can obtain digital map data from Ordnance Survey for inclusion within their own products and/or services under the terms of the Framework Contract (Partners) (FCP).

The FCP is the umbrella agreement which outlines the commercial relationship between OS and the licensed partner. A number of Contracts (including the Distribution Contract) sit under the FCP and provide specific terms relating to the product(s)/service(s) being offered.

Below is a brief description of activities covered by the terms of the Distribution Contract. This is only a summary of the key points and therefore not exhaustive, so please refer to the Contract for full details. If you're a Licensed Partner already you can view this here.

Under this Contract, we allow you to:

  • distribute/resell data (including updates) to a customer for their licensed use (as described below) for a period of 1 to 5 years
  • combine rights from the Distribution Contract with rights available under other Contracts in order to offer customers a package of rights; and
  • supply qualifying replica and modified data to third parties on a royalty free basis, where the sharing party is already licensed for the same area of coverage of the data being supplied.

There are three variants of Licensed Use terms available to facilitate specific customer requirements:

  • Standard
  • Infrastructure
  • Public Body

These mirror the terms available under our Framework Contract (Direct Customers).


  • Royalties are calculated on the number of terminals a customer is licensed to use the data on and the size of the area supplied.
  • Multiple year discounts are available for some of our products
  • Terminal band discounts may apply below corporate use level (101+ terminals) on some products
  • The number of terminals licensed may be increased during the period of the customer's sub-licence.


The following products can be licensed under this contract:

  • 1:25 000 Scale Colour Raster
  • 1:50 000 Scale Colour Raster
  • OS Terrain® 5
  • OS VectorMap® Local
  • OS VectorMap® Local Black and White Raster
  • OS VectorMap® Local Colour Raster
  • OS VectorMap® Local - Backdrop
  • OS MasterMap® Integrated Transport Network Layer – Road Network Theme
  • OS MasterMap® Integrated Transport Network Layer – Road Network and Road Routing Information Theme
  • OS MasterMap® Integrated Transport Network Layer - Urban Paths Theme
  • OS MasterMap® Topography Layer
  • OS MasterMap® Imagery Layer
  • OS MasterMap® Networks- Water Layer
  • OS Detailed Path Network
  • Points of Interest
  • Code-Point
  • Code-Point with polygons
  • AddressBase®
  • AddressBase® Plus
  • AddressBase® Premium
  • Historical Licensed Data (1:1 250 scale)
  • Historical Licensed Data (1:2 500 scale)
  • Historical Licensed Data (1:10 000 scale)
  • Historical Licensed Data (1:10 560 scale)

Please note that additional terms apply to datasets containing third party data.

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