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Licensed Use under our Distribution Contract

The Licensed Use terms:

  • Permit unrestricted Internal Use and restricted External Use.
  • Permit external use of licensed data for the purposes of:
    • promotion;
    • direction to customer premises; and
    • annual reports and reports for regulators.
  • Permit customers to promote the location of a bespoke Event they have organised(up to and for the durantion of the event).
  • Permit use of Contractors rights and includes the Contractor Licence. The Contractor Licence permits sharing of licensed data amongst Contractors participating in a common project on behalf of the same customer. The Contractor Licence also permits customer to share paper copies of the licensed data with Contractors without the need for a formal written agreement.
  • Permit the customer to Archive the licensed data.
  • Permit the customer to receive licensed data from Public Bodies where the end user has the same data footprint.

The benefits of these new terms are:

  • Offers a consistent set of licence terms which apply to all products
  • Provides greater clarity for customers specifying the activities that are covered by the licence, with simplified wording in the licence
  • The A3 size restriction has been withdrawn
  • The insistence of including watermarking on map images has been removed

Three Variants of Licensed Use:

We have introduced three variants of “licensed use” which provide licence terms appropriate to the requirements of particular customer groups:

  1. Standard are the rights that are available to all customers unless they are: an
  2. Infrastructure Body (utility); or a
  3. Public Sector customer in which case we provide additional rights.

The additional rights for an Infrastructure Body include Statutory Use rights and Public Body & Infrastructure Body data sharing rights whereas the additional rights for a Public Sector Body include Core Business Use (any public sector activity excluding Commercial Activities and/or Competing Activities), data sharing rights within the public sector and the ability to licence end users.

Public Sector End User Licensing

End User Licensing is the supply of Licensed Data (excluding Royal Mail Data) by the public sector body (licensee) to an End User who has entered into the terms of an End User Licence for the purpose of supporting and delivering a specific project or activity to the licensee as part of their Core Business and that has been specified in and which is permitted by the End User Licence.

Overview of rights available under each variant of licensed use.

Please see the table below to determine which licence is appropriate for you or your customer:

Licensed UseDefinitionEligibility criteria
Standard Any standard commercial customer will be offered Standard Licensed Use terms
Infrastructure Body

This Licensed use is available to:

(a) a body which falls within the definition of “utility” in Regulation 2 of the Utilities Contracts Regulations 2006 or Regulation 2 of the Utilities Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2006; or

(b) a body which is a provider of a “Public Electronic Communications Network” as defined in the General Conditions of Entitlement set by the Office of Communications under section 45 of the Communication Act 2003; or

(c) any other entity identified by us from time to time as being an infrastructure body:

  • The Canals and River Trust (formerly British Waterways)
  • Utilities Contracts Regulations 2006

    Utilities Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2006

    Communications Act 2003

    Public Body

    This Licensed Use is available to:

    (a) a body which falls within the definition of “contracting authority” in Regulation 3 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2006 or Regulation 3 of the Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2006, excluding any Infrastructure Body; and/or

    (b) any other entities identified by us from time to time as being a public body:

    • Mountain Rescue England and Wales
    • British Cave Rescue Council
    • The Association of Lowland Search and Rescue
    • Royal National Lifeboat Institution

    Public Contracts Regulations 2006

    Public Contracts (Scotland) Regulations 2006

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