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Framework Contract (Partners) - Summary

Licensed partners can obtain digital map data from Ordnance Survey for inclusion within their own products and/or services and/or onward distribution/resale under the terms of the Framework Contract (Partners) (FCP).

The FCP is the umbrella agreement which outlines the commercial relationship between Ordnance Survey and the licensed partner. A number of Contracts sit under the FCP which provide specific terms related to the activity being conducted.

For your reference below is a brief description of the key provisions covered by the terms of the FCP. Please note the information below is a summary and therefore not exhaustive, you should always refer to the Contract for full details:

Access to Licensed Data

  • Obligations (both Ordnance Survey’s and yours)
  • Grant of Licence including the licence we grant you, Sub-licensing, Sub-partnering, Conditions of Sub-licence and the standard Contractor Licence
  • Trial, testing and developing with Ordnance Survey Data
  • Trade Marks, branding and copyright acknowledgements
  • Royalties including Royalties due, Royalty statement, invoicing and Minimum Royalties
  • Variation and Notice
  • Auditing
  • Termination and Expiry (including effects of termination and expiry)
  • Warranties, Liabilities and Indemnities
  • Confidentiality

If you have any queries about this summary, please contact your account manager in the normal way.

The current version of the FCP can be viewed here.

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